Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Further Adventures of My Paintbrush

 It gets busy at this time of year for people in my line of work. Painting time is a great distraction and I still get to work on projects that are continuing.


A commission from my friend, Bear.
He might not be Bobby Lee, but he might.

From the Evil Toy Collection, the Cymbal Monkey!

A Mario mushroom... don't eat.

"We called the monkey 'Jack'."
A pirate monkey from Privateer Press
I don't know what's in the barrel,
but the open flame us NEVER a good idea! 

One nasty scarecrow from Whiz Kids
Just right for The Silver Bayonet.

Don't eat it! Don't even breath around it!

For The Silver Bayonet French troops -
a Flanquer Chasseur of the Young Guard

From the Evil Toy Collection, the horse of a different colour.

Evil Toy, Jerk-in-the-box
Keep your distance!

Evil Toy Ducky

Austrian 7YW Field Marshal from Old Glory 15's 

A box... or a bench... or a mimic?

Cú Chulainn of Irish Lore and myth
He's depicted in the middle of his "warp spasm" (
which basically turns him inside-out and lets loose a berzerker -like fury.
I hope to use him - somehow- in an Ireland based  Silver Bayonet game.

Evil Toy Slinky® hyena

A 3D printed figure from my friend Ralph
A holiday themed figure from a dark future roughly 38,000 years off.
Good luck, Santa! The Tau could use a present or two.

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