Thursday, 20 January 2022

In the Deep End

     My foray into the world of "The Silver Bayonet" continues and I think I stepped into the deep end. I do like the game and I'm seeing variant versions of it - ACW, AWI, 7YW, 30YW, WWII, Wild West (Wilder West?), Alamo and Texas Independence... and on from there.

     Because of where I live and because of some family connections and because I reenact the War of 1812, a lot of my painting and building is for a North American setting. I'm hoping to do some more gaming using these rules once the Province of Ontario's COVID-19 lockdown in relieved. (Stay healthy, friends!) Until then, I'll paint.

My Austrian Force... an armed friar as investigator (Foundry), Grenz infantry as scout
(all Perry from here on), dhampir in grenadier uniform, Officer commanding, Grenadier
sapper (called a "Zimmerman" in the Austrian forces), Jager, Jager junior officer/Occultist,
Hungarian grenadier  

The "Bench" - Extra figures for replacement or variety
Grenzer, occultist or artilleryman, Jager in 1805 uniform (I like the helmet!),
Jager in 1812 uniform, Infantryman. (All Perry figures)

Hornist used as either an occultist or artilleryman.
The uniform is of the artillery Handlagerdienst, troops who provided
muscle to move the guns.

There are loads of possible facings for Austrian troops

A Jager in the 1805 uniform
(I really like the crested helmet!)

Jager in the 1809+ uniform
The Corsehut is cool too.

I call him "Father Vasili", a Foundry figure from the Cossack range
Hand cross, pistol in belt, staff, and klabok, he's a great Orthodox priest!
My son is considering a Russian force so Vasili may transfer to that outfit.

Highland officer by Vixtrix

Highland soldier by Vixtrix

Highland piper by Vixtrix
Maybe the pipes scare ghosties and ghoulies away.
Maybe they help the troops morale.
No matter what... I HAD to do one.

While scrounging through some boxes of unpainted figs, what do I find?
Enough 1806 Prussians to do a Silver Bayonet force!
L to R - Two infantrymen, Lutheran/Evangalisch pastor as Investigator, Hauptmann
commanding, Occultist with ritual halberd (sounds good to me), Jager rifleman, Pioneer/Sapper
(Manufacturer unknown)

Deer Woman spirit of First Nations lore
Defender of womenfolk, but equally nasty to others
(Paymaster Miniatures)

Flying Head Spirit of Iroquois lore
Seriously nasty and carnivorous
(Flint & Feather Miniatures)

Hairless Bear Spirit - Iroquois/Lenape lore
Also carnivorous (Is there a theme here?)
(Flint & Feather Miniatures)

Wendigo (Paymaster Miniatures)
Carnivorous (again) and ever hungry
It seems to appear in First Nations lore all over.

A pixie with a spear -- who knows what's in those woods?
(Reaper Bones Mini)

Another armed pixie -- loaded for bear, as it were
(Reaper Bones Mini)

Vampire Bat from Games Workshop
We all need a few of these for a game in Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia!

Jo-Ga-Oh from Paymaster Miniatures
It seems the Iroquois had dwarf-ish folk who threw rocks
... a lot!

I'm still working on a Sasquatch and some goblins. I've also looted my D&D and Traveller figures for appropriate "things." And there is a delivery of Irish rebels somewhere out there. So there will be more later!