Tuesday, 22 November 2022

"...But it ended in TERR-OR!"

 That title is based on something an old friend of mine used to say. It can be added to any hackneyed sentence to start a movie intro;

 "It started as a simple walk in the park..."  

     "It began as a simple homework assignment..." 

          "It seemed to be a normal day for Archie and Jughead..."

                    "... BUT IT ENDED IN TERROR!"

You folks get the picture. This also explains the whys and wherefores of the photos included in this blog. My interest in "The Silver Bayonet" continues and I've also discovered some weirdness in another set of rule, one that shall remain nameless for the time being. So I need monsters and weird things. Like these...

From a pack called "Evil Toys", the Teddy Bear of Destruction

"Edward the Construct"
A sort of Frankenstein's creature with a huge tenderizer.
He's full of scars and stitchmarks.

A Halfling woman who appears to have had too much
No-Doze. The figure is actually nicer than my paint job
makes it out to be.

A large Hag.
... livin' in a van down by the river,
eatin' a steady diet of gov'ment cheese.
Actually I don't want to know WHAT she eats!

A smaller Hag... but no less hungry or nasty.

A rather creepy entry; supposed to be a Wendigo.
The legend says the creature is always hungry and never
satisfied no matter how much it has eaten... usually humans.

Another view of the Creeper

A "living statue"
Always a nasty surprise for adventurers.

I refer to this fellow as an "average size green dragon."
He was partnered with the Halfling woman seen above.

A box. What could be in it? Just about anything!
Legal papers! Extra ammunition! Gadgets and gizmos!
Lizards! Scrapple! We'll all have to wait to find out!

A barrel. As above.
Filled with... fish? Black powder? Water? Rum?
Kimchi? Stay tuned.

A massive mushroom; my latest discovery at the Doller Store.
It could be intelligent. It could be the source of intoxicating and 
psychedelic spores, Ukrainian-style Stroganoff, or a quick and nasty death.

On the historical side, a RAFM casting of a grenadier of the
Black Watch from their French & Indian War range.

From the same range, a "hatman" of the Royal American
Regiment. The regiment was recruited in North America
and was heavily German/Swiss in its personnel.
Blue facings and blue breeches for a Royal regiment!

Years ago, I worked in clay doing counseling with teenagers.
There were days I felt like this when I came home.


Before I go..


  1. If there's scrapple in that box, I'll take it "chust zo"

    1. As my grandfather used to say - "hotten the coffee and outen the lights, mutter"

    2. I have no Pennsylvania German background but you pick up things when you live in Allentown.

  2. Or when you grow up in Bethlehem as was my case :). Your minis look fantastic, BTW.