Sunday, 13 March 2022

Geez, it's deep here!


Had I know that the water was this deep here, I'd have worn my big boots!

The Silver Bayonet is a deeper dive than I expected, especially considering the breadth of folklore, legend, and myth of the entire world! I remain amazed that almost anything could be included for the Napoleonic powers to fight, even including themselves!

Well, from the painting table to the podium...

An Austrian Grenz Infantryman in the white coat
Why not? Note he still has his red cloak on top of his pack.
(Perry Miniatures)

The Irish legendary hero, Cú Chulainn in the middle of
his "warp spasm" (Gaelic: ríastrad) which changes his 
appearance... sort of turning him inside-out. A Silver Bayonet
game set in Ireland could include his nibs somehow.
(Alternative Armies)

A avenging angel or some sort of spirit warrior.
Originally it was done with my wife's Kings of War army in mind,
but most anything could be used in SB.
(Whiz Kids D&D range)

The Wee Folk are represented.
I say another blogger/player who had used these figures for Leprechauns and 
I thought they worked well. I have six of them painted.
(Alternative Armies)

"Clue Markers" courtesy of junk I had lying around the painting table.
I'm happiest about the skeletal arm with the scythe rising from the grave.

Not a Silver Bayonet figure, but you never know.
An Alternative Armies selection referred to as a "Psy-paladin."
Almost obvious, isn't it, Darth? I'm hoping to put this guy into a Traveller scenario
some way or another. It's a true 25mm figure.
I flocked the base with my usual grass/pebble mix but I flocked over a coat of 
red paint which gives it a bit of an alien ground feel I think.

I'll be looking to see if any figure could stand in for the "Mothman" of legend. That would be fun to paint!

"Leave the patio light on, Mike. He might show up again!"

I hope to have some games to blog on in the near future as the province of Ontario opens up to "The New Normal." I'll admit that I'll remain cautious about precautions like masks and distancing. I really don't want to get sick. I've had a cousin in ICU from COVID-19 and has recovered for the most part. I've also lost a friend to the disease. Now a another friend of mine -in Finland- is down with it.