Sunday, 4 December 2016

Quebec Under Siege!

This past Saturday at the Hamilton Road Games Group, things were "in flux." We had originally planned another session of our newly home-grown hybrid rules for Seven Years' War, then we were offered a session of the game, "Tanks." Finally, Wayne brought his Battletech battlefield based on the city of Quebec. (I think the title "Battletech" has changed a few times, but that's the name I know it by.)

We've all seen this battle field before and even though I didn't play the game, I took a number of photos of it since it is JUST SO WONDERFULLY NICE! Wayne refereed while Bear, Martin, Brian, Matt, and DJ played. Andy, Ken, and I watched and discussed sealing wax, cabbages, and kings.

An all-encompassing view of the city/battlefield

Checking the stats - weapons, speed, power, heat, all the usual stuff.

Each building is numbered and indexed as to strength and damage points.
Grey buildings are concrete construction, red are brick, and yellow/orange are wood.
Mechs can stand atop the concrete ones. They could stand on the brick or wood ones,
but not for long.

The "Armory" in the lower city.

Industrial concerns below the Citadel.
Axis Petrochemicals? Quick! Tell Batman!

The Citadel and the Plains of Abraham... and iced tea.

Le Ch√Ęteau Frontenac overlooking the entire place.

Some of the paths in the old city are pretty tight.

Bear's dice
One of the pathways up the cliff can be seen centre left in white.

Here you can see the depth of the river. Mechs can travel submerged if their hull is not damaged.

DJ, Martin, Wayne, Matt, and Brian look over the battlefield.
DJ's mech prepares to defend the Citadel. He did this by means of "urban renewal."

"Urban renewal" in HRGG "mech-speak" means demolishing buildings to achieve a better field of fire.
Lovely ruins, I say.

More "urban renewal" and a chase down the tight alleys of the old city.

DJ's hand aka "The Hand of the Almighty" resetting a mech.
The Citadel was supposed to have defensive fire capacity,
but the gunners were declared "asleep."

DJ's mech takes down Bear's mech with a double head shot.
DJ later sustained so much damage, the mech's torso and arms were wrecked,
so he was a head with legs.

The fight goes on atop the ridge.
DJ and Martin successfully defended what was left of Quebec city from Matt, Bear, and Brian. I sat out mostly because I had things to discuss with Andy and I'm not a huge fan of Battetech. I've played it and I truly think that a determined platoon of infantry hidden on the table with RPGs and other such futuristic launchers would make mince-meat out of those mechs in a city environment. (...but what do I know?)

Meanwhile, here's my my son, Rob, with his new pup-dog, Atlas!

Love at first sight if I ever saw it.
I'm an Advent guy and I don't like to pre-celebrate the festival of Christmas too early, but this next photo was too good not to share.

Enjoy yourselves, folks!