Sunday, 15 November 2015

Grimsby Games Day

 This event took place two weekends ago, but it's been quite busy in the meantime and I didn't get to blog anything. So please excuse the delay and enjoy the narrative of the day.

Andy and I had been invited to take part in the second games day at the Grimsby, ON Public Library and Art Gallery. We (and a few others) went down last year for a War of 1812 themed day. This year was more open gaming. We decided to keep it simple and put on our "Tiger Hunt" table top game. In this game, we use the armour rules from Iron Ivan's Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers. Each player begins the game with a Tiger I tank.{Panzerkampfwagen VI H (Sd.Kfz. 182) for them was is picky.} You then play the game "straight" with spotting and penetration rules in full effect. If your tank is put out of action, you get another. Originally, your second tank would be a Panther.(Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Sd.Kfz. 171) If that one brews up, you get a Mark IV. At the games group, we've used Russian, American, and British tanks and tank destroyers as well, just to liven things up. For a display game like this one, we keep it simple.

(Photos courtesy of Andy or myself.)

My wounded Tiger awaits the recovery vehicle. The half-track could fix a blown track in one turn. That's all it could repair, however if another player "called" it, you had to wait until you could call it again.

Martin (of J&M Miniatures) had to watch his tank "brew up."

Another Tiger lies in ambush.

The town in the middle of the table... with a knocked-out Mk. IV as cover.
Yes, Martin brewed up TWO Tigers and in just about the same place.
He laughed all the way to the end of the game.
There were three other games going on as well. One was a well laid-out game of the Gallipoli landings in World War I. I had to admire the board and how it was textured and done up.

The Anzacs dig in to await the assault by the Turkish troops.

They didn't have to wait long.

Martin put out a very tasty table for an American Civil War game using Black Powder. Sad to say, no one took up the invitation/challenge to play this. The table was a delight to see, however.

Confederate/Rebel/Southern infantry have taken up defencive positions at a stone wall.
It should serve them well.

Union/Federal/Yankee/Northern/Blue Coat troops on the attack, determined to drive off the Gray Coats.

Confederate artillery holding the centre of the line.

Union artillery supporting the attack.

Confederate cavalry upholding the traditions of the South.

This view deserves a larger photo!
Federal infantry, including zouaves, prepare to advance.
In a side room, used for art classes, storage, and coat racks, a vast Napoleonic game was held using Arty Conliffe's Shako II in 25mm. This is my preferred rule set and I was quite interested in the game, which was set in the Iberian Peninsula. (Did I say "interested"? I should say "drooling.") There seemed to be seven or eight players there, with British, Spanish, and Portuguese troops opposing French and Rheinbund battalions. It... was... GLORIOUS!

I asked a few time, but no one would/could tell me who was in the coach.
There was some mumbling about mistresses...

The British hold the hill while the French assault, all in the "same old fashion."

The Spanish are holding a walled estate or monastery as the British advance to support them.

Portuguese troops come forward to flank the French.

A good view of the "Thin Red Line" with skirmishers out.
British horse artillery about to bring the pain.
How here's a rarity: Spanish Cuirassiers!

The British must be doing well; they're leaving the hill!

Shako II is an "old school" wargame, using artillery sticks.

Looks like the French and Allies are about to be flanked.

The Grimsby venue is a good one, although a small one. It may never reach the threshold of a "convention" but it's a good time. They're thinking about a theme approach for next year, possibly something for WWI since we're in the anniversary time for that one,

I hope you enjoyed this little "travelogue."