Saturday, 2 October 2021

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!

     For no particular reason, combat in the arena under the Roman Republic or Empire is an interest of mine. It isn't the gore or the excess, but the idea piqued my interest. Over the last few months of this pandemic, I've taken the time to do a bit of research (very little, I'm sure), purchase some figures, paint them up, and prepare them for actual play. I had done up about a half dozen figures from the Canadian company, RAFM, but I need a few more to cover some of the other types of gladiators. CP Models from the UK filled the bill and even had a set of rules for sale. (CP provides what I'd consider fine service and really rather quick considering the trans-Atlantic nature of the commerce.)

Of course, I've taken some pictures:

The rules available through CP Models
I'll admit I have yet to try them out and I'm looking forward to it.
They appear to me to have a particular way of deciding hits,
one that takes into account the experience of the gladiator.

A heavy Secutor (usually paired against the Retiarius) and a lightly armed Veles
(CP Models)
The white stripe shows the direction of the figure's facing - important for the rules.

A heavy Murmillo and the double-sworded Dimachaereus
(CP Models)

An example of the Parmularius with a small shield and another Veles

Two examples of the Retiarius (Retiarii? Armed with net and trident)
CP version on the left and RAFM on the right.
The height of the figures is close enough and the CP models are a bit heftier,
but not so much as to ruin things.

A Thraex ("Thracian") and a Gladiatrix (female gladiator) - both CP
The Thracian usually carried shield and Thracian knife or Falx.
Female gladiators are not often mentioned, but CP makes one so... 

Two RAFM models - a Dimachaereus and a bare-headed Scutarius ("big shield")

RAFM's version of the heavy Murmillo and the very light, spear-armed Veles

A Thraex in a bull-head with an axe and the unique Arbelus - both CP
The Arbelus was armed with a short sword and a sort of tailor's cutting tool,
originally used to cut leather. The hand was gripped inside a cone which 
protected the arm and the cutting weapon. He might also be called a Scissor.

A Provocator in almost legionary armour and a Hoplomachus
mimicking a hoplite's arms and armour. - CP Models

The very unique Laquearius armed with sword and lasso(!)
and the bow-armed Sagittarius who should be mounted...
but what can you do?

More CP Models
Dimachaereus and a true Thraex with the true Thracian knife.

Old Ral Partha Legionaries - just to keep order in the arena

Not Gladiators, but addition to my 20mm Imaginations Army
CP Models makes WWII models in 20mm and these guys are from the "Armed Catholic Clergy"
set. There's also a nun with a Thompson gun, but I couldn't resist painting Brother Juniper
with the burp gun first.

     I have other projects to share and I'll get to them soon. I'll also be sharing some photos from one of the few reenactment of the War of 1812 in Canada this year.

     Check back soon!