Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Father's Day Slaughter

the Phoenix of my wife's Basalian Army
My son came to visit this past Sunday for a Father's Day gathering. I was happy to see him. He also brought his newest Kings of War army --- Ogres. So after my usual morning's work and lunch, we set up a game... 3000 points on a side, my Kings of Men vs. Robb's Ogres and Katie's Sylvan Elves. I haven't done well against Robb since our first outing, but we all wanted to play and off we went.

6 turns and the scenario had to do with the unit values who were close to the centre of the board at the end of turn #6. It was messy to say the least.

The living room filled with figures, family... and cats.

Like I said... "and cats."
Mab makes herself comfortable... usually on top of a regiment or two.
Finally! A decent photo of my pike block! (Mostly Old Glory 25mm Italian Wars range)

I discovered that Ogres are tough... discovered "the hard way."
I was charged with moving first and I was hampered by the area I had to deploy in. My two hordes of pike-armed infantry were stuck behind a stream and a small house. I had placed mounted scouts on the far flanks and had two regiment of knights on the field, on to each flank. Katie's Elves took the right flank and Robb's small but mighty Ogres took the left of the allied army. My cannon were not able to do much which makes we wonder about the wisdom of taking them at all. I'll speak of the lessons and ideas further on in this writing.

Katie's "River Guard" fighting a regiment of bowmen. A strange match-up!

My mounted scouts face off against some Elvish horse archers.
My second unit of knights moves up in support.
The small dice show casualties; the yellow bead shows the unit to be shaken by losses.

Same outfits... view from the other side.

My view of the pikes.

Galoglaich serving as foot guards follow a unit of fanatics and provide support for some archers.

The centre of the board as we start to mix it up.
The black card is a unit stand that the figures kept falling off of.

Elvish bow and Silverbreeze heavy cavalry.

The River Guard and the bowmen continue to fight.
My son show his colours, declaring his allegiance to Gotham City.

My other horde of pikes (GW Empire figures painted as Stirland levies and as the Black Company)
A rifle regiment and a cluster of RPG launchers (serving as a ballista) precede them.

A circus cannon? I used this as a siege gun.
Believe it or not. this is the bulk of Robb's Ogre army.
The Circus Gun prepares to fire again. (GW Crew & D&D pre-primed gun)

Katie's Elven Magic User (GW Warhammer figure)
Robb's Ogre general/champion "Grok M'Grok" (or something like that) goes into single combat
with Tiny the Giant assisted by my wizard, Dermot the Inevitable.

The Clash of the Titans continues!

Surprisingly, everybody survived this combat. Tiny often loses quickly.
This time he gave as good as he got.
Dermot helped with a Bane Chant spell once.
In the end, I lost. I couldn't do much damage to the Ogres and they carry a lot of points. I lost a number of units because human units in KoW are very lightly armoured and drop like flies in a cold snap. Still it was fun.

I think I'll try more and smaller pike units interspersed with missile troops, Pike-and-shot style. Using the Captain figure and rule, I can still move some units after the set up and before movement.

So how was your weekend?