Friday, 4 February 2022

Further into the Deep End

     Well, this hasn't happened on my gaming table... yet. I have no Italian troops for The Silver Bayonet and both Pinocchio and the Carabinieri are from a later date. Still you never know.

     I'm looking forward to playing more games of The Silver Bayonet and to that effect, I've been adding to the figures to be used... by all sides, both for North America and Europe.

"Buddy Cthulu" -- a 3D printed figure given to me by my friend, Martin.
It'll probably serve as an idol in a game at some time.

A gentle Woman riding side saddle -- Very Jane Austin
(Brigade Games)
How to use? No idea, but you can hardly go wrong with a figure like this.

an old GW "snotling" figure

Irish insurgent leader or investigator
Trent Miniatures '98 Rebellion range

A deserter from the Irish militia (Trent Minis)
He'll probably serve as a grenadier since he's "trained."

Irish insurgent soldier (Trent)
Musket? Blunderbuss? Bazooka? I don't know!

Another insurgent (Trent)
The "flower pot" hats strike me as funny.

Irish insurgent officer (Trent)
Stylish and still business-like

Irish insurgent piper (Trent)
I'm still unsure how I'll use him but such a figure HAS to be included!

He's in the Trent catalogue as "Dublin Constabulary.
However, I think he'd make a fine Investigator or Occultist.

For the force of the Crown, an Investigator or Occultist
The Trent Catalogue lists him as a "watchman" or "Beadle"
My Anglican canon friend informed me that a Beadle was an
parish official in charge of watching the parish boundaries to
keep people from "double dipping" on the welfare system
managed by the Church of England.
I think this is a great figure with plenty of character.

Paymaster Miniatures' version of the Sasquatch
A "must-have" for games in North America!
He's a big figure, maybe 30mm+ tall.
Looks grumpy... needs a hot meal.

You know that little thingee that come in your pizza box to keep
the top of the box out of the cheese? Useless once the pizza is eaten?
Hardly! I cut the legs down a bit and turned it into a ritual altar!
It could get messy.

Black Hoof of the Shawnee (Trent Minis)
I'd bet that my wife's First Nations warband will include him at some point.
He is a historical figure and would be a welcome addition to a War of 1812 game.

Tecumseh, chief of the Shawnee (Trent Minis)
A true historical figure I really wanted to add to my collection.
He and General Brock were a force to be reckoned with in 1812.
Tecumseh hoped to lead the tribes in forming an indigenous independent state
in North America under the protection of the British Crown.
It was not to be and Tecumseh died in battle at the Battle of the Thames in Ontario.

My oldest liked this figure and I'd bet they'll include her
in the monster band they intend to put together. She's be a 
worthy changeling! (Brigade Games)

The Silver Bayonet might be the perfect game to use this castle that has been languishing in my garage for a long time. I can imagine SO many possibilities in a European/British/Irish setting.

    So many classic horror/fiction stories could be included. Frankenstein? Sure! Dracula? Why not? The Cu Chulainn cycle? I'd think so!