Sunday, 19 March 2017

The return and value of total nonsense

I haven't blogged in a while, primarily because on the Christian Church calendar, this is the season of Lent and  Lent can be quite busy for pastors, and it only get busier until after Easter. It's also tax season, dreaded more than the foulest weather.
Anyway, here are a few offering that I've found interesting. I'll be blogging shortly about my latest table-top escapades.

Saw this yesterday. My good friend, Kevin brought it to my attention so when taking my son to work in London after the Games Group, we cruised by this butcher shop to take a photo of it. Lord help me, I love it so.

For all fans of Prof. Tolkien's works, prepare for the Middle Earth Banquet!

It's amazing what you can do with a batch of fender washers, half a Styrofoam ball, a paintbrush guard, a chunk of bass wood, paint, and flocking. Done for a sci-fi battle game I'm studying and gathering forces for, these guys have an "Earth vs, the Flying Saucers" vibe.

"Take me to your leader! No, not that one! The other one!"
Some of the folks at the Hamilton Road Games Group have been preping a game for next week's convention in Stratford, ON - Hot Lead. We did multiple play tests and I felt that showing some photos wouldn't let the cat out of the bag, as it were. (Schrodinger's cat? Well, maybe, Maybe there's no cat in the bag. Maybe there's no bag. Maybe you're imagining this. Maybe your philosophy is off. Check the label.)

Ralph's Germans assault Andy's Romans.

The same cohort of legionaries stand to and vow to hold the line.

No Ice Cream wagon this! Mobile artillery for the Legions! An early portee.
These are the German warband from my collection, loaned or leased to Ralph for the convention.
(Old Glory and Wargames Foundry figures, many with floral wire spears)

An unusual traffic stop, to say the least.
(Photo dredged from the Internet - I can't say any more about it.)

Arminius (Hermann to his friends), the German commander in his looted Gallic finery.
(Old Glory - from my collection)

Andy's French mix it up with my Austrians in a Black Powder SYW battle.
My army and pride were cut to ribbons.

Martin and Kevin play a game of Five Men at Kursk, a WWII skirmish game from Nordic Weasel Games. It's played with
minimal figures and it goes quick. I just got the rules and I hope to play before long.
My son came to visit for a day or two and we all were introduced to another Nordic Weasel game, the feudal/Medieval skirmish game, Chevauchee. We found the game very playable and quite enjoyable. Beth played it as well and liked it. We went looking for some older painted figs we had used for another feudal skirmish game, Retinue, years ago. Now we have knights, men-at-arms, food soldiers, and peasants available. We even dragged out the old castle.

Rob checks his measuring device.

Your Humble Blogger oversees the playing as an expert, since he had already played once before.

One of the warband hiding after being wounded, which is what the red shield on the ground indicates.
This figure is from my wife's collection of Late Roman/Arthurian troops.
He's an unarmoured light infantry man from Old Glory and from a unit called the Fox Boys for obvious reasons.

My armoured retainer is chased around the side of the castle by part of Rob's warband.

The castle is a 15-year old purchase from a long-ago Historicon, All Styrofoam with finished interiors in each tower.
It was great to use it again.
There will be more entries before long.