Sunday, 25 August 2019

My Summer "Mixed Grill"

Ever go to a restaurant and find the special is called "a mixed grill"? From what I understand, this usually means they don't have enough of one something-or-other to make it as a stand-alone menu item. So you get a mix of things. Could be delicious. Could be... less so.

In any event, I haven't blogged for quite a while and I don't have the patience at the moment to do a proper single-thought blog. Hence, the mixed grill of my summer stuff. (Photos from various sources.)

At the Fort Erie event in early August, Tyler and Nick on guard duty
and doing public relations/public education.

"White Company" and "Blue Company" advance at For Erie

Major Marty and Captain Raiffe in deep discussion at Fort Erie

Your Humble Blogger in his new white officer's coatee now that I've been commissioned.
(It took an act of Congress to make me an officer and a gentleman.)

The 17th fires a great volley!
Yes, Caitlin; It's not called "black powder" for no reason!

A hand mortar. You know you want one.

Does the pain of camping ever end?
A "Force of Nature" warband for my daughter's Kings of War Elves.
Death Bunnies.

A bagpipe is required and not just requested!

In place of an artillery piece for my Kings of Men army, ROCKET LAUNCHERS!

Pikes... such a serious looking unit.

My son's dwarven army's Steel Beast (aka tank), Steely B

A phoenix for my wife's Basilian army

A gift from an old friend.
for Wings of War/Wings of Glory... a WWI Zeppelin Straken bomber
the Fokker is there to show the size of the model
Yes, now we have TWO cats... Pangur Ban (left) and Maeve (right)
I pretend to be unmoved by them, but Maeve insists on falling asleep on me.
That'll do for now. I'll be more methodical next time... I hope.