Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Mark's Little Soldiers, Part 2 +

 I am still rather enamoured with Mark Copplestone's "Little Soldiers", a range of 30mm (more or less) figures representing a few Imagi-nations armies styled for the Inter-war period. I've also added a few items from other ranges

Here is an officer whom I felt looked rather Austro-Hungarian and that's the way I painted the figure:

Painted in a colour called "Liberty Blue", this figure
seemed to have an Imperial vibe.
Dark green facings with lighter green piping...
to be honest, I'm rather pleased.

Here is an officer-type figure who has a real Spanish Civil War aura about him. He even has a tie!

This guy looks really Spanish Republican.
I only noticed the tie as I began painting him.
I'm wondering if more figures will be made in the side cap.

And some figures from various sources and ranges that were fun to paint.

The "crazy pirate monkey"
One of the players in my Traveller campaign has a pet monkey,
and this new figure will fit the need exactly.

Ralph also printed up a few figures.
Here is a sci-fi female that my eldest instantly annexed
for their use in Traveller. I'm fine with this!

All for now. Just so you know, I often paint while watching the Toronto Blue Jays' games. Yes, I'm a fan and saw them at that Rogers Centre in Toronto last week! I'm actually enjoying watching baseball again!

Yes, the cap is an antique, but it's mine!