Thursday, 7 September 2023

It's Been a While

Yes, it has been a while since I blogged. Any number of things have been going on and I've been distracted. I'd like to say "busy", but "distracted" would be more honest. Changes in household, changes in work and ministry, and changes in the other things I do are all there.

For instance, in my reenacting, I've been made "Battalion Adjutant." Sounds like a promotion, and I suppose it is. It has a lot to do with where to place people for parade and keeping some records. The Colonel asked me to do this partially because I don't move so well with the arthritis in my knees and this would keep me in the hobby. I kiddingly tell people that I was made an officer in my unit because I can cause less damage that way. Who knows?

My dear wife cracked a rib at a reenactment a few weeks ago. I was not present because I was officiating at a wedding. She's doing better, but is still sore at times.

My ministry continues and some changes might be in the offing. I cannot be sure and I'll keep all that to myself for the time being.

Painting? Yes, I have been painting and I enjoy it! Here are some selections.

Based on the videos from "Black Magic Craft", I did a spike trap
for possible use in D&D games.
I recommend you look up and watch BMC's videos on YouTube.

An odd-looking altar set for the Service.
I'll add it to a ruined church Andy gifted me with.

Barrels of stuff - Silver Bayonet table clutter

Adding some colour to my French troop for Silver Bayonet -
men of two of the Swiss Regiments in the Grand Armee.

Nosferatu-style vampires for Silver Bayonet.
I suppose these are vampires whose investment never paid out.

From a Silver Bayonet game with my friend, Mark - 
the leader and the supernatural investigator from my Irish rebel warband,
based on the '98 rebellion. 

The Table for Silver Bayonet
My Irish vs. Mark's Scottish warband

Some of the Irish
The Mayo-man (using Highlander stats), the leader, a deserter
from the Crown infantry, and the friar/investigator

The Mayo-man with his two-handed axe faces off the Scots leader.

The rest of the Irish - 
Insurgent rifleman, Junior officer, and rebel infantryman

I'd been wanting to do a naval warband for a while.
My local store just started to carry "Blood & Plunder" from
Firelock Games. I bought a box of the ship's crew which
included 16 multi-pose figures. Just the thing for Silver Bayonet!

A few more naval types including a junior officer in a bicorne head
that was left over from some British infantry officer in the bits-box.

From a recent game at the Hamilton Road Games Group in London
A game using A Fistful of Lead rules for the Wild West.
Beth ran an all-female gunslinger gang, but ended up losing to two other gangs.
A great set of rules that I'd recommend to anyone!

Things can get busy around the corral.

Some T'au "Pathfinders" with plasma carbines
A while back, my son and I played a game using the FFoL Sci-fi rules
for the 'Grimdark' setting. I wanted to make up my own SF warband and
since I like the T'au, there you have it. More on this later.

Andy and I continue our foray into the Seven Years War using Osprey's Honours of War rules.
We're still learning and it gives me a chance to unlimber my Russian army for the period.

A brigade of Cossacks
WARNING: Don't EVER do this! Cossacks are too brittle to stand alone as a brigade.
Individual regiments dancing around, messing with people's heads is great...
But a brigade of them is not a good idea!


  1. A nice group of additions for sure. Good to hear from you!

    1. Thanks! Some of it is a matter of motivation. I hope to be more "regular" now.