Thursday, 16 June 2022

A Saga of SAGA

 A Saga of SAGA

 About two weeks ago, I was able to return to the Hamilton Road Games Group at the Crouch Branch Library in London, ON. My time there was limited to about 4 hours, so Andy and I decided to run a game of SAGA, the "Dark Ages" skirmish game by Studio Tomahawk. It's a fun game with some odd twists based on a special ability "Battle Board" that each faction has. Andy fielded his Normans with some heavy cavalry while I fielded my Irish who barely have armour!

I conceded the game after about 6 turns. I couldn't hold up under the armoured onslaught of the Normans. Even my pack of war-dogs - my favourite unit - wilted under arrow fire and the stomping of spears. (The war-dog unit ignore terrain and fly through rough terrain the would slow other troops down. That's why I love 'em!)

The chieftain and his Fianna (household troops) advance through some woods.

Norman heavy infantry face off against Irish Kern with javelins.
Guess who got the short end of THAT stick?

Norman crossbow-armed infantry vs. Kern with slings.
Crossbows are deadly, but take time to load and have a few other disadvantages.

The pack of war-dogs slide through the woods and try to attack some Norman bowmen.
The battle puppies did not to well.

Kern flanked by Danish-axe-armed Fianna face down Norman infantry
... at least until the Norman knights came forward.

The knights cleared the hill but took some casualties.
Actually a lot of casualties.

I hadn't played SAGA in years and both of us were very rusty. However the game was fun and it fit into the time constraints we had to work under.
Last week, I didn't go because I didn't feel well for a number of reasons. This week, Bear and I hope to shoot it out on the streets of Lerado with some Old West Gunfight rules. We're breaking in the rules and I hope to report on them shortly after.

El Lobo with Ignatius the Iguana


  1. Looks good John! I've never played SAGA but have always wanted to. One day perhaps!

    1. I hope you can. It can be tricky at times, but there are lots of "Factions" available, including LOTR ones... found on line!