Friday 9 February 2024

Seven Years War again

    Andy and I have been trying to up our game for the Seven Years War in 15mm. We've also been using a slight variant of the Honours of War rules on the company lever for the so-called "French & Indian Wars" in North America. (That's for another blog later.) Personally, I've found these rules quite playable and I think they have the "feel" of the period, although that's a judgement call since I didn't live in central Europe in the 1750's. I'd recommend them.

    This past Saturday, I unlimbered my Austrians to face Andy's Prussians. In games prior to this, I had fielded my Russian army, an old favourite. We'd also used Andy's French troops. My Swedes are still on the painting table. Andy and Glenn faced Dave and I over the table. We fought to a draw... which I considered a "win" considering my abysmal luck and field general skills. Some photos follow, courtesy of Andy and of Dave.

From the Prussian perspective; the advance to the town of Neues Unbenannt.
The large blue dice show the status of the brigadier, since that officer could be
Dashing, Competent, or "Dithering" for that turn. The rules set that up. It has
a lot to do with historical aggressiveness and staff work.

Dave stares down Glenn.
The cotton balls denote the unit has fired.

Austrian Kurassier and Prussian Kurassier prepare to go sword to sword.
The Prussian heavies (elite) are a "large" unit with some extra troops and a +1 in melee.
They were brigaded with a dragoon regiment.(regular)
The Austrian had a regiment of Kurassiers and a combined unit of Kurassier Carabiniers
and dragoon horse grenadiers, all elite.

The Austrian advance over grain fields.
Rifle armed Jager (small unit of skirmishers) precede the one brigade of line infantry.
A brigade of elite grenadiers goes into the village.

Some photos of previous games where the French took a strong punch in the nose.   

French vs. Prussians - fighting over an open field

The French advance.
The red bead denotes a casualty. We've gone to a better system now.

The French right flank

We're still learning the rules and are using the 20mm distances for our 15mm armies.

     I like these rules and I hope to continue to used them. In the SYW period, I cut my teeth on KoenigKrieg and there's still a few things I really like about those rules. I've also played Warfare in the Age of Reason and found them fine as well. I'll stick with HoW for a good long while, I think.


  1. These pictures look good and bring to mind good memories of multiplayer 15mm games in the '80's and 90's.