Thursday, 23 February 2023

Visiting the GrimDark

 My son, Robb, came down from his place in London on Family Day and stayed for dinner. He and I played a game on the kitchen table using the GrimDark Codex for Galactic Heroes from Wiley Games. While the setting bears a resemblance to another game, that shall remain nameless here, the mechanics of the game itself are far simpler. One of the great advantages of Wiley Games offerings is the fact that no matter what the setting or era, the mechanics remain the same or almost the same.

Both Robb and I decided that the GrimDark Codex worked well for our game. He fielded a small warband of Warriors of a chaotic nature while I fielded a similar sized squad of what the codex calls "Dynasty." 

Some of Robb's Chaos-iters sneak around the ruined house we put in
the middle of the table.

Some others came around the other side of the house, including a Sorcerer type.

I think the big dude is an "Obliterator."

...which my pin-point accuracy on firing made short work of. (Whew!)

My Crisis Suit wearer jumped into the second floor of the house.

My Fireblade leader took up an ambush position.

Robb's "Possessed" (I think that what the thing is) faces the Gun Drone squad.
They were quite useful.

I came off the worst in this face-off.

These crazies kept attacking.

My gunner had taken two hits, but he stood his ground!

Actually earlier in the game, my Stealth Suit wearer laid a hurt
on the Chaos-ite wierdie.
(I've come to like heavy lasers.)

After the Stealth Suit bought the farm, 
the face down-continued with the three laser rifle armed
Fire Warriors shooting up the attacking Chaos... people.

The Sorcerer used two spells. One confused the gunner, the second
"held" him in place, denying him his actions.
But not for long!

The Gun Drone flight took one casualty, wiped out the Chaos troops
opposing them, then joined the Crisis Suit to reinforce the Dynasty right.

Here they come!
Red bead = wound
Blue bead = our of ammo
The Crisis Suit wearer didn't fare so well after this.

Hey! Wait! I took those guys down a little bit ago!
(Ah, I just liked the photo.)

Chaos won the day, leaving on lone Gun Drone alone... without a controller.

A great day and a good game! The Wiley Games rules really work and (I think) they're simpler than other rules around. We'll do another game before long. Robb has Chaos, Dynasty/Tau, and some Loyalist Marines. He wants some Traitor Guard in the future. I have some Dwarves from Wargames Atlantic that should serve has the Sons of Vultan another time. I have other troops that are un-named as yet.

Who knows? We may use a combo of the Horse & Musket and the magic/monster rules for some Napoleonic horror gaming. Keep up the good work, Jaye!

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