Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer 2014 painting projects - on display

For a number of reasons, including just living, I've been busy and haven't painted a whole lot... until lately. Since you've invited me into your mind and computer, I'd like to share some of my painting work with you.

US Paratrooper mortar crew by Bolt Action.
Done for my son's collection of WWII American Airborne.

US Paratrooper light machine gun by Bold Action

ACW Confederate artillery crew by Old Glory (I think)
These were a find at the bring'n'buy at Hot Lead
After the weekend at Fort Erie, I can smell the sweat, gunpowder, and hot metal.

"The Strumpet" from Reaper.
I generally like these figures and find them fun to paint.
Rats... by Reaper.
Since my daughter has two pet rats and figs like this often get used for D&D,
why not?

French Napoleonic Line Infantry by Perry
I wish I knew why the blue I use is dark to the naked eye and SO bright on camera!
Well, nice figures in any event.

The entire battalion. There are also six skirmishing figures who are not seen here.
Reaper's clay golem which gets used as a what-ever golem for our D&D games.
Lots of definition on this figure so inking and drybrushing really stands out.
A Cossack officer for my wife's Imagi-Nations army where we use 20mm figures.
This is actually a very 'meaty' 15mm WWI British cavalry officer.

The Elector of Fredonia's mistress, who asked to remain nameless (in case she gets a better offer.)
A Ral Partha unicorn rider on a Frying Pan & Blanket team horse.
Don't tell Elector Rufus.

Southeast Asian civilian refugees (RAFM)
I wanted some refugees to use on the battlefield for our Imagi-Nations campaign, but little is available in 20mm. Except for RAFM. To me, these appear to be Bob Murch's work. He used to sculpt for them. Now he's the man for Pulp Miniatures, a range I'm very fond of!

More refugees with a water buffalo
Another Hot Lead purchase from RAFM's own stand.
Courier coming in! French Napoleonic light cavalry in 15mm mounted as a courier for Shako

Pikemen, some of them Swiss, in 15mm by Old Glory
courtesy of the Bring'n'Buy at Hot Lead

Landsknecht arqubusiers - again Old Glory 15s

Landsknecht pikes
Painting these guys is a interesting job to say the least.
Break all your odd colours!

Landsknecht command stand

More Landsknecht pikes

Napoleonettes French hussars
I found these on the Bring'n'Buy table at Hot Lead and they were the buy of the con!
50 mounted figures for $5

More of the same. I'm now got plenty of hussars and plenty to share with a friend who's building
a French or French ally army for Napoleonics.
A French line battalion in field dress - Old Glory 15mm

Westphalian Line Infantry based for Shako - Minifigs 15mm

Pendragon 10mm Polish Pancerni for either a Polish historical army or a Kislevite Warmaster army.

10mm GW Warmaster Orc rock thrower
The troll to do the heavy lifting. I was pleased with how he turned out.
10mm Pendragon Polish/Kislevite winged lancers

10mm Pendragon Polish/Turk light horse

10mm Pendragon dragoons/medium horse mounted for Warmaster
I've used a more-or-less historical Swedish TYW army in Warmaster with some measure of success.
I found a set of rules on line for a 10mm Warmaster variant for ECW/TYW which permitted me to do that.

10mm GW Warmaster Black Orcs - these are the bigger, nastier, orc-ier orcs

Their banner - Orcs can't spell worth a darn.

10mm GW plastic orcs from the "Battle of Five Armies" boxed set.
You get lots and lots and lots of the same strip with fills out an orcish army cheaply.
No banners are included so I do my own... with my own version of English spelling.

Yeah, more of the same.

It actually says "Splat!" in the middle of that splash of colour.

Oh, look! These guys can spell, although I think they intended to have the standard say "Victory!"

10mm GW orc boar riders in metal
I decided to jazz up the colours.

10mm GW dwarf "Hammerers" - some sort of veteran elite troops for the Longbeards.

The Hammerer's standard on the left and an improvised standard for a unit of plastic "Battle of Five Armies" dwarfs.

My son asked me to paint up some of his Snotlings for his 25mm Orc units.
There's a lot of whimsy in these figures.

Minifig 15mm Moscovite Streltsi for her DBR army.

Since I'm on holiday, I'm reading just for fun and I picked this gem. I've had it a long time and I enjoy re-reading it. The story takes place in an area of Pennsylvania where I spent a big chunk of my life. It's also interesting to see how an author handles a Pike & Shot army. There even used to be a set of table-top figure gaming rules from this story called "Down Styphon!" You'll have to read the story to find out why this makes sense.
So how's your summer going?

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