Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas was in the air!

I found this Christmas to be quite busy for my family and I. I led two services Christmas Eve, had a great Christmas Day, and led a service at a local nursing home on Boxing Day. A funeral of a dear lady in the congregation followed on the heels of that, so blogging was not done.

So anyway... the Saturday before Christmas, the Hamilton Road Gaming Group held it's Christmas party with our "Traditional" Wings of War game. Snoopy arrives in his Sopwith Camel, Santa in his sleigh with an elf manning the marshmallow tail gun, and -in a new addition- Frosty the Zeppelin arrived.

Snoopy's dog house/Sopwith Camel and Santa's sleigh. If Snoopy appears a bit "thin",
it's because he's a paper model.

A Fokker Eindecker in Ottoman Turkish markings? Yeah, I'll take that!
Sadly, that plane was slow, maneuvered like a brick, and didn't last long.

One of the young folk who took part in the game. The game didn't keep their
attention for a long time; it was more fun to run around the library and eat cookies.

More action in the air.  One shot from the Albatross on an Allied flyer.

The assembled pilots. My wife, Beth, took all the photos. She had a great camera
which only enhances her skill and talent as a photographer!

Frosty the Zeppelin in a menacing pose!
He ended up being an immovable obstacle for the flyers to avoid.

Here he is, face-on. When I made him, I planned that his goggles would be on
his "forehead" but somebody thought they'd make better glasses. There's my
Eindecker being annoying.
Wings of War is our usual fall-back position when nothing else presents itself at the club. It is a fun game with really nice miniatures. It's a "packaged game" in that the planes come  pre-painted and listed by the name of the pilot. There is a World War II version that I've never played and some planes from the Spanish Civil War which could be interesting to play, although I can't imagine a SPAD verses a Me-109 for very long.

More blogs to come, now that I have photos down-loaded.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your Household.
    best wishes

    1. Thanks, Alan. Best wishes to you as well!

  2. Wish I was there...

    But spent time with my family :)