Friday, 22 June 2012

The Game Is Afoot!!!

{It's the last day of school; exams are written and it's time to celebrate a bit. Before Robby goes off to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter with a friend this evening, we wanted to write another chapter in the Sherlock Holmes vs. the SA adventure. Here goes...}

Holmes, Watson, Inspector Lestrade, Constable Timmins, and the valiant Gladstone crept silently into the cavern that housed the tomb of Holgar the Dane. The trail of the stormtroopers holding Isabelle von Tromp had been perilous and they felt they had lost it more than once. But now, she and her captors were near. Holmes could sense it!

Watson, Gladstone, and Holmes - each armed with pistols and bullet-proof vests (Gladstone had neither, of course.)
{Old Glory figures, but I don't know where Gladstone came from.}
Holmes could hear Isabelle struggling with her captor, Lt. Rustheiser, as he forced here down the steps from the balcony over the cavern. Piles of rubble lay strewn below them and Rustheiser was attempting to force the young woman to find her father's device which lay hidden in the cavern. Moving quickly, Holmes found a clue - a message scratched into the side of the tomb. (Finding this clue allowed an extra Dare! die for Holmes during this game, giving him a better chance of solving any other Dare! locations.) Watson and Lestrade moved across some of the rubble and in doing so drew the fire of Unteroffizer Schultz and another stormtrooper who watched from the balcony. The shots either missed or did not penetrate the bullet-proof vests or steel armour the two detectives wore. Holmes took cover behind the statuary that loomed over the tomb, where he encountered a swarm of rats. He and Gladstone fought the rodents with club and tooth and nail and sent them running, although Holmes sustained a nasty bite from the vermin.
     Rustheiser continued to force Isabelle to cooperate, but she refused, until both Rustheiser and the stormtrooper with him fell to the accurate fire of Watson and Lestrade. The Unteroffizer and his companion continued to fire on the detectives, but with no results. Constable Timmins fell to the fire of the stormtrooper on the floor of the cavern before he fell to Lestrade's fusillade. Holmes ran past in order to aid his companions, recovering Timmins' rifle as he went.
    Shultz ran down the balcony stairs to recapture Isabelle, only to fall to the sustained fire of Lestrade, Watson having moved to take the rifle from Holmes. The stormtrooper on the balcony cowered as Watson fired as accurately as he could in the dimly lit cavern. The brownshirt fell wounded a few moments later.
"Begin your search here, Fraulein!" (Two blue bingo chips = two wounds)

"Here, Watson! You can make better use of this Lee-Enfield than I!"

"Solve the mystery, Fraulein! I'm not so gentle as Herr Leutnant!"
(Two Brownshirts down, a third remains on the balcony.)

Rustheiser and his uniformed thug in better days
    Schultz also fell wounded in the pile of rubble, and Isabelle solved the Dare! point, finding the Knife of Holgar Danske, a valuable artifact. Holmes moved to solve two other Dare! markers, finding a case containing an ordinary pistol and then the Professor's device! Holmes couldn't resist fiddling with the item, which malfunctioned and became inert. Lastly Holmes discovered a Disappearing Belt among the statuary at the other end of the cavern. With that, the adventurers gathered up the wounded Timmins and beat a hasty retreat with Isabelle, the ancient artifiact, and the Professor's malfunctioning device. Rustheiser and Schultz were left groaning in the rubble, wounded but alive.

Lestrade and Dr. Watson
Robby places Holmes and Timmins in place for the beginning of the game.
We were using an RPG mat that permitted us to draw "terrain" and wipe it
off at the end of the game.
 This was "Chapter II" of the "Where Heroes Dare" game Robby and I started on Father's Day. We did play a third chapter immediately... but I can't chronicle it just now. I've got a few things to finish. There will be more later.     

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