Sunday, 29 July 2012

Following a tour of Europe and the Sub-continent...

Yeah, I wish!
     I've had little time to blog lately. Things got busy and as usual... life gets in the way of living.
In any event, some of my friends and I have been considering the grand questions in life, i.e. why are peanut butter and honey so good together? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? (Depends on whether you are Thomistic or Boneventurian... and those aren't factions in some stellar empire game.) Why is there air? What would happen if the British Empire intervened in the American Civil War?

      That last one made me think: "What figures would I use if we wanted to game that?" For our This Very Ground ACW variant, we use 25-28mm figs. Neither Crimean War or Zulu War figs would be appropriate. Need British troops in tunic and "quilted shako." Hmmmm. Old Glory makes troops for the Maori War in New Zealand! In Tunic and some sort of pork-pie, Kilmarnock bonnet! Could it be?

Since I was hoping to do some British regular troops as well as Canadian militia, I got some of the figures and painted a few up.
I think they'll do fine.

Line infantry command - staff sergeant, ensign, drummer, and officer.
Canadians or British regulars? Yes.

A better view of the ensign who started life as a bugler.
I added the sword to his left hand.

Rank and file. The blue facings denote Canadian militia.
I may get to Imperial regulars later.
Rifle regiment troops of the Canadian militia - bugler, officer, & sergeant
When I opened the bag, I thought the officer was an artilleryman! His sword
and scabbard look to me like a trail lever.

Up the Rifles! Ready to defend Windsor or Montreal or to march on Albany!
I'm rather pleased. The figures are in the right uniform and equipment. The Old Glory castings are somewhat funky and angular, the forage cap isn't exactly exact, and some are missing things like cartridge boxes. (If I were a better man, I'd add them from scrap pieces.) However, they are the right period and uniform and if such stuff bothers you, you need not play at my table... or you could just bear up under the stress.
I don't intend to raise an entire army, just some units to use in a "What If..." game at times.

What if... you come by and join in a game someday?
Forage Cap, 19th Regt Foot, Green Howards Museum

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