Monday, 9 April 2012

A brief 1812 Interlude

   Both Robby and I had the day off, so we did a quick game in the front room. It was a War of 1812 skirmish using Iron Ivan's This Very Ground. Robby set the table, I won the initiative and made him deploy first, but he got choice of side. He had a unit of British Regulars, a unit of rifle-armed Glengarry Light Infantry (an upgrade of sorts since they actually carried smooth-bore muskets) and a warband of Native warriors.
I had a section of US Regulars, a section of US regular Rifles, and a section of State Militia. The game took an interesting twist.
    I had the initiative and moved first.

My summer uniformed Regulars road marched to the bridge in quick time.

My Rifles moved up to the stream facing the Natives.
The State Militia takes casualties from the British Rifles. They got shook up
very early on and failed morale shortly after the photo was taken.
The Greencoated Rifles advance in loose order as the Militia falters.

The British Regulars shake out into a double line to volly with my advancing
The US Rifles drew first blood on the Native Warriors who wisely took to the woods.
As I crossed the stream and climbed the hill, the warriors attacked with hatchet and knife!

One volley each and the Crown forces charged! I had volleyed so my unit was unloaded.
It was cold steel all the way.

The British Sargeant's eye-view of the advancing US Reguars just before the
British charged. Only the US officer, ensign, drummer, first sargeant, and one
soldier survived the melee. The Crown Regulars died to a man. Some fire from
the Rifles took out the enlisted men of the US Regulars and the Command and
drummer were unable to do a thing but make faces at the Glennies.
The surviving US Regulars (and the mounted officer) sneer over the many bodies.
 The Native warriors charged the US Rifles, who were ready for them. The Rifles fired and shot down one warrior then the two side met with hatchet and knife. Much to my surprise, the Rifles came out on top! (Robby loves to play the Natives and he does a terriflyingly good job... usually.)
   My Militia failed their morale twice and had to fall back, but by that time the Natives and the Regulars had been wiped out. The US Regulars were reduced to an ineffective cadre and the British Rifles decided to exercise the better part of valour.
    A brief but good game. I rarely win so this was a suprise and an Easter treat for me. A good way to spend the afternoon of a day off.

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