Monday, 9 April 2012

Since it's the Easter Holiday...

     Not all of my figures are directly related to gaming. Some stand in somewhat more "supportive" roles, which means they do nothing on the table top. Nothing but allow me to paint some different figs. Here are some, related to Easter in a rather flimsy way.

Four chaplains of sort. Two Orthodox/Eastern Catholic, one Roman Catholic,
and a Lutheran. They started life as wizards from Martian Metals, and had
surgery to remove the tops of their hat, and add some typing paper vestments.
The Bishop and the Monsignor - again former Martian Metals wizards in 15mm.

15mm monastic/friarly types from Essex

More Martian Metals figures in 15mm - just a paint job, no conversion
(No jokes, please.)

In 15mm from Frontier Miniatures - a teamster who became a SCW commissar.
A chaplain-type of a kind, he could also be a plain clothes preacher.

Byzantium and/or Moscow represented. In penitential vestments, of course.

Herr Pfarrer in Geneva gown. I took his garb from a drawing of a pastor blessing
Prussian standards in the Napoleonic Wars.

Foundry's 28mm monks. Useful and flexible folks, they appear in medieval games,
pulp games, and far future RPG's.

Again, from Foundry and their Cossack range, a belligerent priest with pistol.

Beth's work - the Archangel Michael, loaded for bear, as it were.
{Reaper Miniatures}

Bishop Ted from the Vatican Hit Squad (Copplestone) and a large version
of Cardinal Richelieu by an unknown manufacturer.

More of the Vatican hit squad, used in pulp games like Where Heroes Dare
from Iron Ivan

Two religious sisters... originally from RAFM's Cuthulu range

From Beth, Buddhist monks made by Pulp Miniatures

For those who worship at the bar, Rick Blaine from Casablanca.
{"Are my eyes really brown?"}

This guy seems to inspire almost a religious devotion - my favourite
Martian Metals 15mm figure - Darth Vader!

Shouldn't she be in a movie? Waiting for Jake and Elwood to  pay the taxes
on the orphanage? From Reaper Minis.
 Since I have a day or two off after the Festival, I'm either punchy or whimsical... you decide.
Thanks for looking.

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  1. That's a mighty fine collection of figures to fit all times and periods! Nice One!!