Sunday, 25 September 2011

Once More Into the Breach...

Another afternoon of miniature mayhem at the Hamilton Road Games Group in London, ON. Andy and I refereed a game of World War II Disposable Heroes. Kevin and Robby pushed the Canadian figures and Martin and Mike ran the German side. The Germans were to take the large building in the centre of the board as an observation post AND get a stalled halftrack of supplies off the board. The Canadians were to take the building AND escort a Resistance group with vital information off the board. The dice were against the hardy Canadians. (My wife, Beth took the good photos; I took the crumby ones.)

The Canadians advance with the Sherman 76 in support -
a lovely and ineffectual AFV that day.

Canadian troops hugging the hill side.

German troops and their anti-tank gun - which NEVER fired,
since no tanks showed themselves to it.

The MG-43 lurks in the woods with some infantry.
The Panzerschreck comes up behind.

The board and the BIG building. Small house decor by the Dollar Store.
Ignore the Tim Horton's  wraps - It was my lunch.

The Wehrmacht enters the house.
(Andy's paint job, Black Tree Design figs)

The Canadians move out.
(My paint job, Black Tree and Battle Honours figs)

The AT gunc commanded the street, but nobody went a-walking there.
(Andy's gun and crew. Nice!)

The Canadian mortars threw a lot of smoke and did take out a few troops
with HE. Usually they provide instant frustration.

More Germans upstairs... watching the dollar store houses.
(I've got to paint them and soon!)

Kevin and I watch the game unfold. The dice never did cooperate.

Andy and Robby watch over the cattle. Mike kept attempting
to stampede them.

The Maultier excapes, the smoke dwindles, the Pzkw IV exhanges shots
with the Sherman, and the AT gun crew twiddles their thumbs.

Amazing stuff:
  • A mortar hit something!
  • The Panzerschreck knocked out the second Sherman (no pics, sorry! Andy said it was a first.)
  • The Sherman fired at the house, hit it, and did zero damage. Well chosen words were spoken.
  • My dice are rotten; I'm thinking of putting them in the dish washer... or burying them.
Next week, 1812 reenacting at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. It's the North American Grand Tactical and I expect a huge crowd, of reenators from all over Canada and the US, and visitors. My family and I will take part in an 1812 education day on Friday - Beth will protray Laura Secord, Katie will be a time-traveller taking photos from the Tardis, Robby and I (and Andy as guest musketeer) will ambush the grade 7's as they drill and march down the path. They always scream each time we fire! I'm hoping for a load of photos to share.

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