Monday, 3 October 2011

Fanshawe Pioneer Village hosts the Grand Tactical

This past weekend, hundreds of War of 1812 reenactors gathered at Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London, ON for the 2011 Grand Tactical. I don't know the final total of reenactors but there were plenty, and about even numbers of Crown and US troops. The weather was cold and wet, but the event was fun and the Village treated us to a pig roast on Saturday night.

Enjoy the photos; there will be more later. The photos are from various sources including the Village's Facebook page, my daughter, Katie, and other reenactors kind enough to share their photos.

A view of Fanshawe Pioneer Village's Tecumseh's field.

Robby, in the lighter blue fatigue cap, often goes out with the 21st US Infantry who do more light infantry tactics than our 17th US who stand in the firing line. Ah, to be young and spry with a full cartridge box!

Andy, myself, and our adjutant, Andrew head to our guard post. I do an impression of a US Regular infantryman, 17th Regiment, as does the rest of the King's Company of Reenactors. Andy marches with us as a Western States militiaman. Andrew is starting to learn the drill.

The US firing line in Saturday afternoon's battle. My unit is on left in this photo, with me in the back rank.
The US line advances on Saturday. I'm sitting on the ground, "wounded", just to the left of the Colonel in green. 

The US line at Sunday morning's battle at the dam (or "the dam battle" as it was called.) Various uniforms are in evidence - Regulars in blue, black, and grey with shakos, Volunteers in blue with lots of red and top hats.

My wife, Beth (green hunting coat), our daughter, Katie (grey cloak), and our dog, Pooka (all to the left of the photo) shop on sutler's row. Pooka is in his "Regimentals"; the "17" can be easily seen,

The Crown forces - British Regulars, Canadian Fencible infantry, dismounted Light Dragoons, and a regiment's music - prepare to march off to the afternoon battle.

The Crown forces Sergeant Major passes down the line. On the photo's right stand Caldwell's Rangers, dressed and ready for battle in the forest.

The dismounted Light Dragoons.
Although I wear them too, I'll never figure out who folks would wear white pants to war.
The US "first brigade" crosses the field with colours flying. The blue flag is the National Colour and the white/buff/yellow one is the regimental colour. (The US Army was forbidden by law to carry the Stars and Stripes until much later in the 19th Century.)
The Canadian Fencibles let go a good volley. They brought their band, too.

Okay, yes, it's a shameless plug. Since I don't march so well anymore, I stayed in "town" as crossroads guard for both of the morning battles. I ended up greeting the public, saluting the ladies, presenting arms to officers, giving directions, and posing for photographs... like this one from the Fanshawe Village's Facebook page. I even ended up posing in "battle positions" for a gentleman taking photos to use as models for a mural being painted at a battlefield in the States. I hope the mural's figures are more handsome than I! I'm quite proud of my wife's work on my coatee.

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