Monday, 20 June 2011

Summer is the time for 1/1 scale gaming!

Last Saturday, my family and I took part in the Port Dover Marine Heritage Festival in Port Dover, ON. There were three reenactment of a battle that never took place, although US Forces burned the port and areas around sometime in 1814. It was hot as all get out, but it was fun. Late morning - Skirmish; midafternoon - battle on the field; evening - Battle on the beach... with a ship and boats!
(All photos of the evening battle courtesy of my wife, Beth and my daughter, Katie.)

The Badger and the Pandora supporting the "landing".
The brigantine, St. Lawrence II is in the background.

The St. Lawrence II, which packs a cannon for the reenactment, sits
a bit off shore in Lake Erie.

The 17th US Infantry (myself, Robby, and Lyle) prepares to advance.
We were the rear guard and last to leave the field... with empty cartridge boxes.
We were the only Regular US Army unit reenactors present, although the
US Marines made a good showing, as always.

The Kentucky Volunteer Rifles serve as light infantry - blue hunting frocks
with red trim and slouch hats. A good crowd!

The 17th held the left of the US line. The Incorporated Militia of Upper
Canada Connecticut are to our right. There's always a suplus of British/
Canadian/Crown forces and some get "drafted" into the forces of the Republic!

The mighty fortifications of Port Dover. They didn't survive the battle...
especially since Robby and Lyle stomped them down!

The 17th... after action and before ice cream!

"Sand??" he said. Robby expresses an opinion.

Yes, they really fire. Just powder, no ball. Still,
a .75 calibre musket makes a noise and has to be
respected. Never point one at anybody.

Not much reenacting now until the Siege of Fort Erie, ON in early August. THAT's the one to see. We reenact in and around the actual battlefield of Fort Erie. It's quite a privilege. Maybe Fort Meigs/2nd US Artillery from Ohio will bring their 6-pounder again. In October, the Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London, ON will host the 1812 Grand Tactical for the Battle of Upper Canada. It should be huge. 

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