Friday, 10 June 2011

Greetings from Sick Bay

Not really. I've been suffering from a nasty respiratory malady for a few days, and I'm done no gaming and very little painting. (I almost lost my voice which is a real  problem in my line of work.) So I'm going down "Memory Lane" and sharing some old painting I enjoyed doing.

From Copplestone Castings, Captain Spaulding and Alan Quartermain.
The Quartermain fig was a special one year at Historicon.
The Captain is always a favourite!

The Gentleman's cyber-Gentleman... in brown shoes. (Copplestone)

Pulp Miniatures' "The Shadowy Avenger" (*wink, wink*)
Knowing what evil lurks in the hearts of men and that the weed of crime
bears bitter fruit.

When I played WFB, I tried to run the Black Company as a mercenary regiment.
Lots of simple head swops

Arthur, King of the Britons for my wife's Arthurian Warmaster army.
(Copplestone and Pendragon minis)

My "Mercenary Brigade" for an Empire Warmaster army -
the Red Death Legion, the Wild Geese, the Hochmeister Regiment, and...
The Black Company. (GW Warmaster figs)

Some ECW/TYW regiments using a variation on GW's Warmaster
(Pendragon and Old Glory 10's mixed)

Grenadier Barbarians working as Chaos Marauders with a sprinkling of
GW Chaos Marauders as "advisors".  I was always impressed with 
Grenadier Models product. I think they are still moulded in Italy.

Napoleonics! My wife's Italians face my Austrians. A mixed bag of figures
on both sides.

A horrible "phone photo" of part of my Gallic army for WAB. Talk about
Chaos! But they're SO much fun!

A brigade of my SYW Russians face down my wife's Bavarian hussars.
The Cossacks will probably not do much to help. (Freikorp 15's and Essex)


  1. where did you get the Quartermain figure from??

    1. It was a "freebe" at Historicon about 10-12 years ago. It really is a nice figure.