Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10mm mayhem aka Warhamster!!!

Because of schedule difficulties, no big games were planned for me at the Hamilton Road Games Club last Saturday. Andy brought a game called "Admirals" which was a naval version of Stratego. I'd neve played it before, so I was promptly trounced by Andy.  Then it was Robby's turn to be sunk.
After that Robby and I laid out the old Warmaster figures. He played High Elves (his sister's figures) while I played Arthurians (my wife's figures of a makey-uppy army; I usually play Empire while Robby pushes Dwarfs.) He beat me and really beat up my center with a brigade of chariots. My barbarian horse cracked his left but the chariots swept the center and some of my right. A revoltin' development, as has been said.
Now to the photos! (Thanks to Glenn who lent me his camera and forwarded the photos.)

Elven Chariots and Silver Helm heavy cavalry (GW figs)

Arthurian Heavy Cavalry (Pendragon & Copplestone figs)

Arthurian cavalry again

The Chariot brigade takes an objective and prepares to massacre by bowmen
(Just out of frame). The Elven mage rides a Slinky in the background.

This is how we depict the Elven Dragon Riders. I wish I knew what make
the dragon was. I think it was picked up at a flea market/Bring&Buy.

the right flank of the Elvenhost... facing late Romans (peeking out of the
left of frame.) Not too effective but they didn't have to be.

Since I had Dogs of War mercenaries added to the Arthurians, the paychest
was required! Yes, it looks like a strong box on a flatcar, but the Dog Brothers
get paid.

A Dragon Rider faces down mercenary barbarian cavalry (GW Chaos
Marauders - one of my favourite figures)

The Chariots begin to slaughter the late Roman bowmen. Messy...
and it got messier.

Warmaster has to be my favourite GW game (up there with Man O' War). It sad it never got the support it deserved. Maybe it has a larger following than I know. I haven't tried the Ancient or Medieval versions (too much money to buy too many new armies) although I've amassed a considerable ECW/TYW collection in 10mm for a variant on Warmaster I found on-line from a Pittsburgh games club. That'll show up here someday. Whatever the case, I'll continue to enjoy the game. After all, I bought it; It's MY game now!

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  1. Don't those Arthurians look Great!
    They are based loosely on late Romans when I play them for Warhammer Ancients. They kick ... and take names - usually that of my opponent.