Saturday, 14 May 2011

In the early morning raid

Once again, we played an 1812 skirmish game at the HRGG. Andy and Kevin lead a raid by the Crown forces on a small village where civic militia were "drilling" and a unit of the state militia were encamped. The state militia was just waking up when the Crown troops showed themselves. Robby, "Bear", and I pushed the US figures.

The Crown forces consisted of a detatchment of regular infantry and one of the incorporated militia, detatchments of the Glengarry Light Infantry and Caldwell's Rangers, and a party of the British Indian Department. The US forces were detatchments of regular infantry and regular rifles, a unit of state militia, a body of the town's civic militia, and a gun and crew of the regular artillery with a 6-pounder.

The BID and the Glenies led the way with the regulars and Caldwell's following. The militia moved further out on the left flank. The gun moved up the road by 'prolonge' (pushed and dragged by hand) while the state militia formed up. The civic militia -untrained and not worth much- moved to the edge of the village. The US regulars and the US Rifles entered the table and moved to block the Crown advance. The rifles exchanged fire with the Incorporated Militia and the IM withdrew. The US regulars threatened Caldwell's and the light infantry fell back. The village militia held their ground but did nothing else.  The BID fired on the cannon and took out two of the crew, while the state militia exchanged fire with the Glengarries who got the worst of it, (Andy and Kevin's dice rolls were abyssmal to say the least.) As the gun swung into position, the entire Crown force withdrew - after having stampeded the cattle they found grazing outside the village. Andy and Kevin then revealed their strategy - wake up the militia and keep them from resting. There were only light casualties on either side. Still we all enjoyed ourselves. As has been said, any day we get to play is a good game.

And now for a few photos:

The state militia encamped in Andy's new tents. The flag is a real 1812 US state militia flag... and the city flag of Easton, PA.

Caldwell's Rangers lead the British Regulars on the plowed field.
The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles... led by a guest officer... a certain Mr. Shape

The British Indian Department and His Majesty's Native Allies

The U.S. Rifles patrol into the woods in a most aggressive manner. (I think Robby likes playing these.)

The U.S. Regular Infanty with their mounted officer in command. The civic militia is in the lower right hand corner. They were NOT aggressive. ("Which end does the bullet go in?")

In a photo taken through Kevin's wonderful periscope, the state militia move out to face the advance.

The Regular U.S. Artillery barely got into action and never got to fire a shot... I think their  presence scared the BID off.

Robby staged this picture of the U.S. Rifles hunting breakfast at the smoke house. Peameal bacon all around!

An early game pic of the US Regulars advancing... colonel, colours, drummer in the front, the leiutenant and the pioneer on the side.

An enjoyable yet unexpected game all around. Next week, French and Indian War skirmish.


  1. Great little batrep and nice photos, I quite agree, any day you get to play is a good game!! My little group of sad patsys, don't game enough either!!

  2. Thanks, Ray. We'll all just keep on trying to game as we can!