Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hamilton Road Drift... as it were.

Saturday, the Hamilton Road Gaming Group gathered for it's usual Saturday of mischief and mayhem. Warhammer 40K at one table, "Clicky-tech" at the second, and Zulu War at the third.
    Andy hosted the Zulu War game (which I played since I was the only one there -I think- who knew any Zulu words) where wave upon wave of Zulu warriors poured in on a beleagured British outpost. We set the Zulus up on units of 20 and when 20 were killed, a new unit formed and came onto the table at a randomly-determined place. The slaughter got gruesome at times. We used the Iron Ivan This Very Ground rules with some variations. Some of the Zulus carried captured Martini-Henry rifles, but they never used them! We doubled movement in the first game, but found that to be unsatifactory since the Zulus were in the Brits eyes within one move. The second game cut back movement to normal and it worked better. We varied the morale rules too, i.e. the British never rolled morale and the Zulus didn't either; their units just evaporated when they reached 5 figures or less.
The HRGG "Parliment of Dreams" in session for the first game.

761 Jones hold off the iMpi alone. We felt he should get the Victoria Cross and that Andy should  paint a medal on his tunic. But he didn't survive the battle.

Zulu casualties were recycled; British casualties obviously were not. They held the fruitcake/peanut brittle/Granola wall as long as they could! The Zulus have cornered the last squad in the cabins. ("They fell into our trap, eh, Colour Sergeant!)"

In the second game, the cabins were replaced by a blockhouse. Here the iMpi menaces a section of the dreaded "overhand-bayonet-stabby troops."

The iMpi is over the wall and after the soup!

437 Williams hold the door of the blockhouse against unbelievable odds. His squadies came downstairs shortly to help, but... the game ended just a bit after. "Usuthu!"
I can't comment much about the "Clicky-Mech" game since I wasn't involved. Beth took this nice photo. I was impressed with the foam hills!
**I think they're turning our flank, Commander. Orders required.**
The HRGG plays all sorts of games. (I barely got to see the 40K game at all.) Table top, board, Role-playing, naval, ariel, space, you name it. I'm glad I was introduced to it. Robby and Beth play regularly and Katie plays when her schedule permits.


  1. Nice photography by Beth, there. Makes my little game look good.

    But to be fair, I wasn't using the ClickyTech rules (which aren't even properly named that but it's what all the fun-loving humans call 'em). Instead I was using "War of the Mecha," freely available from WotM is a one-page game with (to date) a pair of one-page expansions. I use the clicky figures just because they're cheap and readily available.

    I've been leaning towards light and quick games lately. Can't be bothered anymore with committing yet another big rulebook to memory.

  2. Thanks for the clearing-up, Glenn. No doubt your game was good. I agree with the quick and simple game idea. My brain is too cluttered already!