Friday, 6 May 2011

Gaming in 1/1 scale

Although most of the entries on the blog are about the miniatures games I enjoy, this one will be a bit different. My family and I do reenacting. We are members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), but we also reenact the War of 1812 with a local group. We've been doing this for about two and a half years now and I've found it to be great fun. It's also a learning expereince. I have some knowledge of the period and the uniforms of the period, but I am a piker compared to some of the folks. My son and I serve "in the line" with the King's Company of Military Reenactors. I join the group when they reenact the United States 17th Infantry and I've protrayed a Canadian militiaman on occasion. Robby does the same but also joins the reenactors for World War I events in the local area. He hauls around a mock-up of a Lewis Gun.
     In any case, our first event took place last weekend at Longwoods Conservation Area in Deleware, ON. It was my first outing in the blue uniform my wife sewed up for me. It was a task, but she did a wonderful job.

Robby and I awaiting the order to assemble for drill. (Note the "heroic pose" on the man on the left! Note also the "national colour" behind us. The US Army was forbidden to carry the Stars and Stripes until the middle of the 19th Century.)
On Sunday, Robby did good service as a "captive" of His Majesty's Native Allies and the British Indian Department.
He was cautioned to be from ANYWHERE other than Kentucky. ("I'm from Baltimore!")

In a sunnier moment, our combined unit prepares to fire. In the British army, the commands are "Ready! Present! Fire!" The US commands are "Ready! Aim! Fire!" Seems that the US troops were expected to aim; hitting something with a musket is another story! (Robby is in the front rank, second from the left. I'm behind him, leaning on his right shoulder to fire in the best style of the age.
On Sunday, the 17th was combined with the troops of the 2nd Artillery from Fort Meigs, OH. With a detatchment of the US Marines, we defended this truely formidable field work as the British infantry attacked... in column!

Before Beth completed my blue coatee, I wore a white linen "hunting shirt." We still have this and Beth sometimes wears it around camp for warmth. In this photo, taken at Fanshawe Pioneer Village in 2010, she's wearing her 'working' outfit.

Wargaming on 1/1 scale - it continues to be fun. Our unit serves an educational purpose as well, turning out for school "education days" where our musket fire makes the grade school girls scream... every time.
2012 will be the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. It will be a big thing in this part of Ontario. It isn't such a big thing in most areas of the USA (outside of New York State, Maryland, and New Orleans, Louisiana), but it is part of the history of our two nations that needs to be remembered. I'm pleased to be part of the "Living History" movement!

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  1. Very interesting stuff. I really ought to read up more on the period.

    And snazzy duds all around!