Sunday, 27 March 2011

"A Walk in the Sun"

Do you remember that WWII movie? Something out of the Italian campaign, if I recall correctly. Anyway, Sunday afternoon saw Robby and I facing off over the table in our sunny front room, his Canadians vs. my late war Germans. (Iron Ivan's Disposable Heroes on a 72"x60" surface. AnHQ section, 2 infantry squads, 2 HMG teams, and a sniper team each.)

Preping the table.  The ruin on the left was a Hot Lead Bring&Buy purchase.

The Canadians advanced into the teeth of what you see below!

An MG-42 HMG hiding behind a wrecked Pz. 38t. It was not pretty.

Another group of Canadian got into the ruin and pinned the HMG, but took it on the chin from LMG and sniper fire.

Some of my troops on my left came through a house and engaged the Canadian HMG in another house... which served as the arm-rest for this photo!

Canadians rifles and a sniper (up top) doing their best to do their worst. As it was there was more cover on my side and it was accessible on the first move for the most part. We called it a day after Rob was whittled down to an HMG crew and two other figures.
The moral of the story is: hide behind stuff, and be careful when your wife sets up the terrain.
     Most of my gameing friends find the Iron Ivan rules to be clean, simple, and fun. All of their games use the same mechanics of play with variations according to era and weapon. Since Rob has most of the stats memorized, it goes quick. We've used the Iron Ivan rules for skirmish gaming in F&I, WWII, WWI, SCW, ACW, and 1812. We've also used the Pulp rules ("Where Heroes Dare") which is not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it makes for a fun time. {Reminder to self: post photos of Brother Othmar of the Vatican Hit Squad and his flame thrower.} Speaking of a cup of tea... that sounds mighty good just now!

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