Friday, 25 March 2011

Where to start?

With the help of my wife, I've finally started a gaming blog. (I've never done this before because I'd always felt I didn't have much to say.) So I'll start... anyway.
     I've enjoyed wargaming for quite a few years. I started with Roco Minitanks in a sandtable in my parent's basement. (I'm not counting throwing rocks as Airfix figures in the neighbour's yard.) I cut my teeth on "Column, Line, & Square" and WRG Ancients. Since then, I moved on to "Fire & Steel", "Empire II & III", WRG pike & shot, "Command Decision", and a lot of other rules. Role playing, too - AD&D, Traveller, Boot Hill. Now I play a lot of the Iron Ivan small unit skirmish games, "Shako", "Koenig Krieg", AoR, WarHammer Ancients (with WarHammer fantasy on rare occasions), "Wings of War", "A Sky Full of Ships", "Don't Give Up The Ship", t20 Traveller, and others.
     As I've gotten older with less time to spare. I've found that I want to play games that are fun, games that don't take ages to set up, with mechanics that are simple enough for my cluttered mind to handle. The priority word is FUN. If it isn't fun, why play it? There's so much else in our lives that isn't fun. It isn't "therapy" either. If we do things only for "therapy", then some part of our life has taken over the whole and we do things to feed/clothe/clean/sharpen the main part of our life. If all fun is only for "therapy", we're not having fun. We're feeding the monster that's eating the rest of our life... a few bites at a time... until there's nothing left.

That's not living. So I do this for fun. I hope those of  you who read this will agree with me on this much. Beyond that, it's all debatable.

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