Monday, 4 April 2011

ACW game

I played an American Civil War game on Saturday at the games club. (Home-brewed ACW varient of Iron Ivan's "This Very Ground" F&I rules.) I was going to post some photos but they were so wetched, I couldn't bear to post them. So I'll say the game was good. As Andy says: when you get to play, you win! Still I know I could have done better. I tend to "lock step" my units. Next time I'm going to mix them up and use different formations. I forget that the ACW is not the Napoleonic Wars... just like the generals early in the war did.

All right I'll show some pictures. Here Phil's Federal troops have taken it on the chin from Mitch's Confederates. By the end of the melee, there were some prisoners in blue to march away. (This is one of the clearer photos.) I ran the Rebel centre and got ripped to shreads in a melee in a wooded area. Two platoons down! Nicely done, Andy and Kevin! (I'll nurse my revenge for a later date.)

This is an interesting photo, taken through Kevin's tabletop periscope. It's a nice piece of equipment and I'd like to get one. A better photographer would take a better photo, but it's worthwhile just to see the "figure's eyeview."

Lastly, I was taken in by a delightful hoax for April Fool's Day, perpetrated by Prince August Moulds. They put up a YouTube video showing the use of hot glue as a casting medium. I thought "Oh, yeah!" When I looked at it again and at the article on the website, they had confessed to the hoax, but also said they had received so many notes of interest, they were going to research it further. With the price of metal, it'd be worth looking into. I don't know how such figures would hold up or how well they'd hold paint, but it would be a kick if a cheaper material could be found. Now where can I get 25mm or 15mm moulds?

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