Monday, 1 May 2017

Recent painting

I enjoy Easter and the Easter Season. I enjoy the worship services of Holy Week and I find them quite meaningful. I do get tired because there is a lot to do and plan for during this time. So I don't paint much and what I do goes slowly.

I did get to paint a little lately. I even finished a long term project of some 25mm ACW troops. I had made an order from RAFM in Cambridge, ON. That's really quite local. They brought the figs to Hot Lead, a convention for Southwestern Ontario, and made good very quickly on a small mistake they made. I like the figures and many of their other ranges are quite fine as well.

My latest rendition of the 54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment
They were recruited in and around Lehigh County in Pennsylvania. The town band I played with for 16 years -
The Macungie Band - had volunteered as the band of this regiment at the beginning of the war for a 6 month enlistment.
The command stand including an officer, a First Sergeant with the national flag, a soldier
with the regimental flag, and a drummer.

A better view of the flags.
I had intended to use my computer's printer to make better flags, but the coloured ink has crapped out and  printed
red as a sort of pink. The flags that are included in the box of Perry Zouaves is not correct. The national flag only has
eleven stripes! So I fell back to painting my own flags by hand.

Flags and troopers

All the figures are RAFM. They are nicely moulded and the firing figure and the kneeling figure
without the pack have separate heads. The ARE true 25's and so look a bit smaller next to some others.

I use commercial acrylic paints and ink the finished figs with a watered down ink.
I think the colours - with certain exceptions - are quite true. The blue of the coats is
called "Blue Velvet" and is very, very dark, far darker that the same company's "Navy Blue."
The group I play with is converting our rather large personal stocks of ACW 25's to Black Powder basing. We'd been doing a "home-brewed" skirmish game with singly mounted figs. I worked slowly, one base at a time. Probably not the best way, but what I could do under the time constraints.

Another short term and amusing project involved some Peter Pig ACW 15's I've had in back-stock for a long time.

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln

The finished couple

After I took the photo, I touched up the spots where the primer coat showed through.
I don't generally ink my 15's, but a little might help Mary look a little less ghostly.

The 54th PA on a photo trestle.
More to come before too long. Quite a few things have been going on.

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