Sunday, 14 May 2017


For any number of reasons - many of which don't merit repeating here - I haven't blogged much lately. Since few of you, my usual readers, are waiting with bated breath for what I write, I'll just add a little to what has gone before.

Last weekend, I had taken the weekend off and gotten a supply for duties at the church. My family and I intended to go out to the Longwoods Conservation Area for the first reenactment event of the season.

But it rained.
I mean it poured.
I mean parts of Toronto and Ottawa, the province of Quebec and the Maritimes were flooded.
The army was called out to aid in rescue and damage control.

So we stayed home, had a few friends in and played board games... of which I cannot find any photos. You've all seen games of Risk and of Ticket to Ride, so I will rely on your memories and imaginations.

Sunday dawned bright, glorious, and DRY. So we went out to the Conservation Area and met with our old friends from Fort Meigs, OH and their group from the 2nd Artillery. Some members of the Canadian Volunteers were also there as were the members of the 14th Infantry. This last crowd are actually members of the group that reenacts the 41st Regiment of Foot of the British Army. They just turn coat sometimes. (The following photos show what a nice day it was and all are courtesy of my wife, Beth.)

Rob, my son, and I as we crossed the bridge from the forest trail to the reenactment area.

The 17th (Croghan's Company) following the 14th on parade.

Awaiting the order to advance
Rob, Lyle, Matthew, Tyler, and myself
Since we would be in the woods, we went with soft caps rather than shakos.

The Canadian Volunteers with additional troops from various units
 - including the Kentucky Rifles - served as skirmishers

The Light Company of the Royal Scots (1st Regiment of Foot) lead the advance as skirmishers.
The "battlefield" for Sunday was rather small and attempted to resemble the actual field.

The 14th in the woods behind some fallen saplings and other gathered wood.

The Canadian Volunteers+ skirmished outside the woods while the line infantry entered woods.

The 17th in the woods. I have been roundly mocked for not kneeling down and simply taking cover
behind a tree. It's not the getting down, but the getting back up that's the problem!

The Scots fall back while the cannon prepare to fire.

The Crown Forces return, advancing in column.
With such small numbers (but such a beautiful day), some imagination is required.
In the skirmish at Longwoods, the British advanced on the US position and were
roughly treated by the Kentucky Volunteers who made up most of the US force.
The end of the battle and the butcher's bill.
Some of the reenactors appear to enjoy stacking themselves up like cord wood.

After the battle, salutes were exchanged and a medal was given to one of the Scots.
I don't know who he earned it,but it looked cool and... why not?
Present arms!

The salute is returned.

We all served under Major Marty of the 2nd Artillery and Major Phil of the Volunteers.

Parading out.
The 2nd Artillery, Cushing's Battery added an Ohio militiaman to their ranks.

Kettle corn - an all-time favourite!

Sutler Cyrus selling his candy wears.

4 & 20 Blackbirds always does a great business. Best cookies anywhere.

Cookies, Pickles, and scone mix for the home.

As a last comment, you can see how the black powder smoke lingers when we fire it.
Congratulations to Matthew, who served his first battle in the line and did an admirable job. He did the drill and learned his lessons, even though he was not given cartridge and powder on his first time out.

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  1. Correction/Addition: A "thank you" to Tara Haves who took the camp photos.