Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The BIG Game

Sad to say, I'm 'way behind in blogging. It's been busy - annual reports, taxes (ugh!), education days, and reenactments eat up the time. Not to mention regular life.


Two weeks ago, the Hamilton Road Games Group had it's "Birthday Bash", celebrating the founding of the group AND the birthday of Kevin, who was one of the founders and probably the longest of the long term members. BattleTech was the order of the day, although some SAGA was played on the side. ("Psst! Buddy! Ya need a Viking warband? Let's just say... I know a guy!")

Early in the day, Kevin hosted an Alpha Strike game. Andy and I refereed a SAGA game between Dave and Mark. Mark had played before, but Dave was brand new. Both enjoyed it and began plotting the forming of warbands. That's the way to do it.

Mark's Vikings hold the line and send arrows toward the Anglo-Dane advance.

Dave's Anglo-Danes preceed the Warlord and the Huscarls.

Berserkers! Hearthguard! Bondi! Thralls! Other words!

Toward the end of the game, Mark's warlord was exposed as the Anglo-Dane advance made a vast left-wing sweep.
Dave's Anglo-Dane Archers.
The shield behind them indicates a fatigue on the unit.

The Berserkers have taken casualties!
Sad to say, I don't have any photos of the Alpha Strike game. I was busy with the SAGA game. However, the BattleTech game yielded lots of photographs. Once again, we used Wayne's model of the city of Quebec, an amazing piece of work if ever there was one! Pictures do better than words here. We used this table about a year ago, and it's still great.

Quebec City... not to scale of course.

Ever want to take a walk in the St. Lawrence? Well, now you can?

Petro-chemicals or Pepsi-Cola? Wayne won't tell us.

An armory. Each building is numbered and there is a corresponding sheet
giving the number of damage hits each building can take

Another angle.

The building are colour-coded as well, detailing how much weight any building can take.
Mechs can jump on top of them, but the less-sturdy buildings will collapse.
One of the mechs from Bear's collection.

Andy likes to "booby-trap" the board with bizarro things...
like this weirdo atop the Citadel.

Looking upward at Chateau Frontenac with Jonesy in the background.

A detail of the buildings along the river.

One of the more sturdy bridges

Dave's Mech doesn't quite fit.
Brian's Mech precedes mine as we climb the hill to the Plains of Abraham.

Another view down-river.

Andy strikes again! This critter was hidden in a tight courtyard between some buildings.

I ended up taking on three enemy Mechs (I was Clan while they were Central Core...
which will make sense if you know the backstory of the game.) I didn't last long.

Another view of the funeral plain.
Earlier, my mech begins to climb. The nails allow you to keep your model upright.

A wooden workshop in a working area.

Lots of urban fighting.
I kept thinking infantry with rocket launchers could take out all of these things.
It'll be a while before I get to the gaming group again. Reenacting season is upon us!


  1. Actually we played a standard Battletech game, as it was easier than teaching so many players Alpha Strike rules.

    1. Thanks for the update and information, Kevin. I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.