Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Assorted oddities

From time to time, events take place and things happen. If it's tragic or unsettling, I find there's no sense in me posting, although most of you, my esteemed readers, would respond with support and sympathy. If it's fun, I find there's no reason to keep it to myself.

Can you hear the dump truck backing up here?

My wife and I went to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) store and she bought me this bottle of beer. I was brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium and I'd be willing to bet that the recipe is either the original one or is based on it. I found the flavour to be very, very deep and satisfying. I'd never tasted anything like it before. I also hope I'll taste it again. Not cheap, but very nice.

Tea and conversation and Playmobil

... and a different sort of meal.

At our monthly Lutheran pastor's meeting for the Thames Ministerial Area, this little guy showed up. Actually, two of them did. It's a Playmobil Martin Luther, marketed for the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation. A pastor had been in Germany (I think) and brought back a number of these figures. It was cool to have this little guy present during our conversation... and with us at the Mexican restaurant where we had lunch.

Put the pen down, Martin, and pass the pico de gallo!
I'm out of time right now, but there are gaming and reenacting events I'll be blogging about soon.


  1. A double cause for pleasure John. He looks rather happier than I expected :)

    1. Maybe he got into the Trappist beer a few days before?