Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Muskets & Tomahawks... again.

You can probably tell that I'll sold on this game. Because of the lateness of my writing, you can probably also tell that I've been busy. I also had a short bout with some odd illness... which doesn't come into this story.

Anyway... A few weeks ago, we played Muskets & Tomahawks for the second time. I am finding more to recommend this game. I've been enjoying playing it. This game was played across a large clearing where every other part of the table was considered woods. Andy took the French and Derek and I took the British, since I wanted to use my freshly painted Highlanders, just received from RAFM Miniatures in Cambridge, ON.

American Provincials advancing

Highland officer... who later took on a vendetta, risking life, limb, fortune, and reputation.

French regulars.

French light infantry who count as "irregulars" for game purposes.

The British over-all commander

An irregular unit advances through the woods with some Native warrior auxiliaries to their right.

The Huron advance toward the American Rangers.

These French regulars have come out of the woods.

The Huron warriors fire on the rangers and Provincials while the Highlanders take a guess at the range.
(Measuring is permitted at any time in the game.)

More firing.

Meanwhile on the other flank, the Iroquois are delayed for some reason.
To designate that, we added a turtle to their ranks. The turtle wandered off in a turn.
An "Event" card was turned and the warriors speed was halved.

A lessened number of Highlanders return fire.
The white piece of felt in front of the troops was a hidden swamp they just discovered.

The colonial militia gives fire.

From Andy's viewpoint... Highlanders advancing

... and Rangers advancing.

The Highlanders (RAFM and Old Glory) have taken losses.
The French light infantry face the Iroquois,

Lots of musketry. The flow of the game is controlled by the cards.

The major oversees the fire of the rangers and the Provincials.

The signal success of th game for me: Andy's light infantry on his left flank was thrown back a few time
by my native warriors.
At a point about mid-way through the game, my one officer was charged (by a random event card) with the task of fulfilling a vendetta against Andy's native sachem or leader. They were both required to move toward each other and duel. Well, MacTavish lost the duel to Kicking Deer, but he died gloriously, if there is such a thing. The game ended with my troops withdrawing, covered by Derek's provincials. Only the provincials and the native warriors on my side had any sort of success. Maybe I left the woods too early. Well, we'll see how it all turns out the next time we play.

Down for the count!

From another viewpoint

A final view of His Majesty's Woodland Native Allies... plus their turtle.


  1. Nice report with beautiful minis!

  2. All I will say is that math is fun ;-)

    1. During the muskets and tomahawks game, Kevin and I were statting up our fleets.

      There were many verbal jabs coming from the M&T table pointing this out.

  3. Poor MacTavish! Great report John!