Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Paint, painting, painted

Because of the time of the year, on both the secular and church calendars, I've had to lay aside painting for a bit. But I've still done some and it's time I report on it.

A limber for my Imaginations Army's horse artillery.
French WWI artillery men and vehicle painted up for the artillery of the Grand
Electorate of Freedonia.
Freedonian Grenadier Battalion "v. Castle"
I name my units after what ever catches my fancy; here, one of the family's
favourite TV shows.
Frying Pan & Blanket figures painted like Swedish 7YW grenadiers.
Lancers for my wife's Gallifreyan army, which has Cossack cavalry and Scots infantry.
These are more WWI British cavalry originally painted for the Russian Civil War
A clan regiment based for Warfare in the Age of Reason.
Old Glory figures with an added wolfhound.
A scruffier clan regiment from a now defunct line of figures.
Late Romans from Dixon Miniatures painted at the Honoriani Atticoti Senories Auliliam Palatimum.
It appears they were recruited from barbarian pirates, possibly Scots from Ireland.

More Dixon late Romans, this time painted as a Legio Palatina of unknown name.
From Reaper Miniatures, one of their modern/sci-fi offerings. After seeing the photo,
I wasn't happy with the paint job and added more details, especially to the face.
Some "Wild West" types picked up at the Bring-n-Buy at Hot Lead this year.
A lot of character in these models.
REALLY old Minifig "space men"
These intrigued me but the paint job didn't come out very well.
Shields in space? Who'd-a-thought?

A Minifigs alien who should work fine in my Traveller campaign and
a harried accountant/purser/quartermaster with a real paper trail.
I'd had that figure for years and never painted it until now.

Reaper again. A sort of barbarian champion.
This is from their "Bones" white resin range. The only real problems are that paint doesn't
stick well to the castings and they get bent in transit which requires some reheating and un-bending...
which may or may not work.
I have no idea, but he looked suitably ghastly.
WWII Polish AT gun by Bolt Action Miniatures.
I am fascinated by the "minor"powers of the Second World War, so I took the plunge,
bought some Poles at Hot Lead and began to paint them up.
They're quite satisfying to do. Apparently they bloodied the Wehrmacht's nose a few times in 1939.
Their reputation as a losing army is un-deserved. They could do little else when invaded by Germany
and the USSR from west and east with no natural geographic barriers to hang a defence on.
Polish HMG. Looks like a Browning. The figures are quite nice and with a bit of research,
can be painted up very well.
Polish mortar. There's a crew member missing, the commander, I think.
The figure who looks drunk is hauling a crate of mortar bombs and is
quite well animated.
Polish infantry command group with an officer, radio operator, anti-tank rifle, soldier and NCO
in his soft cap based on the distinctive Polish 4-cornered czapka.
A resin model with metal details of the Polish TKS tankette.
A nice model of an almost worthless vehicle.
These were a find on the Bring-n-Buy table at Hot Lead.
WWII US paratroopers from an unknown maker. I like how they paint up, since I use
a light khaki which I ink in brown to bring out the details. Some of the helmeted figures
have a field dressing on their helmets. I like the "Mohawk" on the unhelmeted BAR man.
I imagine the second figure from the left is an officer with map and Thompson gun.
More paratroopers.
The pointing man in the back row is probably a ranger since he has no camo net on
his helmet, but he's a paratrooper now! The two right-hand figures are an LMG team
with the one man carrying the tripod and ammo box.
Another ranger dragooned into the airborne and a second Mowhawked rifleman.
These will be welcome additions to the US paratrooper group for Disposable Heroes.
I'm still working on the last of my Imaginations army, some Traveller or D&D figs, and then some Napoleonics for Shako or Black Powder.


  1. That's quite an assortment of figures. You've been busy. I like them all and especially the Poles.
    Years ago I played the old GDW Europa series game "Case White" on the invasion of Poland. It is a fairly grim exercise for the Poles, even before the Russians enter. Sort of like being a skinny guy at the beach pummelled by two drunken frat boys. A gallant army with the wrong doctrine and mostly wrong equipment.

    1. Thanks, Padre.
      I think you're right about the Poles. In some ways, they brought a knife to a gunfight, but they still showed their metal in some ways. Many of the Polish fighters never ever gave up and, as you know, ended up in the British or Russian armies.

    2. My French are ready and willing to help out against the Fascists... from 2 tables over and snug in my field fortifications ;-)