Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Campaigns in Libraria: the Battle of Zuckerman's Stream 31 May 2014

Not so much of a campaign battle... more of a scrimmage... a time of manoeuvres for training... at least until Martin completes the map.
The forces of the Grand Elector of Freedonia, Rufus I Glöwurmchen, marched to the assistance of our staunch ally, the Duke of Frankenschwein, in order to defeat the ridiculous, insidious and perfidious forces of the autocrat of the Serene Republic of Rationalia, Karl Mar X, and his toady, Mongo, the Duke of Worchestershiresauce. We met in battle over Zuckerman's Stream which took up only a small part of the battle field. The glorious allies held the great Hambone ridge north of the stream and the small Oreo Forest to the west of the ridge. Andy (Frankenschwein) and I both had a brigade of line infantry, a grenadier battalion, two regiments of dragoons each and a medium and a heavy field piece each. Andy included a militia battalion, while I took two battalions of irregular light infantry who garrisoned the forest. Rationalia fielded a similar infantry force, but included two hussar regiments, both confusingly called "The Todtenkopf". Worchestershiresauce (which is contemplating changing its name to something less greasy) fielded a similar infantry force with one dragoon regiment and a warband of mounted warriors of the Turtleburper tribe, under the command of General Harry Dresden himself, the Worchestershiresauce Indian Department being flat on their backs because of a holiday party's results.
The glorious Allies moved to the edge of the ridge and down the slope in order to allow the artillery to fire ovre their heads. My light troops, Pavkovic's Pandours and the Chasseurs d'Poutine, moved to cover the allied right flank while the Freedonian dragoon brigade - the Scungili and von Doom dragoon regiments under Colonel Korn - stood in the valley between the ridge and the woods. The Frankenschweiner dragoon brigade lined up to flank the force of the evil coalition from the left.

Rationalian troops including the Todtenkopf Hussars and the sedan chair of Comrade-General-in-Chief N. Guels.
In the far back, a mob of sailors on land brings up the rear.

The Turtleburpers follow General Dresden on a flanking move.

The Allied columns advance to the edge of the Hambone Ridge. Von Castle's Grenadiers follow the Frankenschweiner grenadiers. The 2nd Electoral Marines, the Elector's personal guard (hired thugs) and the Zouave regiment  Gondor can be seen in the foreground,

The Freedonian Dragoon brigade under Colonel Korn -
Dragoon Regiment v. Doom & Dragoon Regiment Scungili.

The ridge - The Elector himself can be seen in his white battle coat at the ridge. The entire area was considered higher ground because we didn't have enough hill piece, so suspend disbelief!

The Turtleburpers terrifying advance.
The Rationalian Hussars soon faced the Freedonian Dragoons sabre to sabre. We both charged and one combat was prolonged while in the other, the hussars got the worst of it and fell back behind the small village of Milkbone, under the protection of the Worchestershiresauce artillery.

The swirling cavalry melee in the area between the Hambone Ridge, the Dark Forest, and the village of Milkbone. Karl Mar X accompanies one of the hussar regiments and Colonel Korn rides with the von Doom dragoons.

Karl Mar X in better days.

Karl Mar X after the initial exchange of sabre cuts. ("He'd dead, Jim.")

Rationalian and Worchestershiresauceian infantry with one of the hussar regiment's remnants taking cover behind them.
Colonel Korn was actually captured in the fight and was sent to General N. Guels for questioning and backgammon.

Pavkovic's Pandours line up to fire at the Worchestershiresauce cavalry. ("Yok she mosh, Chunkaglava?")

Freedonian Zouave regiment Gondor advances supported by the Freedonian Freikorps.

General Dresden came unglued and kept falling off his horse.
Here he doesn't look happy.
Over on the ridge, the Allied artillery fired on the Vendetta's troops as they advanced, but did little damage. Andy's dragoons worked their way around the flank and began to push into the centre.

The Turtleburpers attempt to turn the right flank of the allies. They were discouraged by the light troops whom they eventually either destroyed or chased away and the dragoons who had recovered from their melee.

General Mar X litters the field while the dragoons and the Worchestershiresauce redcoats exchange hollow threats.

Martin's Rationalian right flank advancing toward the victorious and generally up-beat Frankenschweiners.

As Robby's Worchestershiresauce dragoons charge my von Doom dragoons, Mitzi, the symbol of Frankenschwein visits the field. She was later kidnapped and held for ransom by Rationalian thugs... or sailors as Martin calls them.

Andy's Frankenschweiner dragoons ride down the road to assault the Vendetta's line.

It's time for bayonets at the end of Zuckerman's stream.

My cavalry and Robby's square off. The blue bead and the blue pipe cleaner indicate that the units are "disorganised."
There was a bit of a see-saw battle with the cavalry in the centre between the ridge and the forest. Robby's dragoons and mine both fell back after taking casualties. Rob's native cavalry destroyed the Pandours and were able to throw the Chasseurs d'Poutine back, but that was about all that could be accomplished there. The ridge was held and the Allied troops (almost all Andy's) came off the ridge and threw the Rationalians back.

The Freedonian medium gun battery on the high ground.

The Turtleburpers prepare to charge the Pandours. The infantry broke and ran.

The zouaves warily approach the cavalry melee to head off a possible break-through by Robby's dragoons.

Mitzi is kidnapped by Rationalian maritime thugs in a sort of a press gang.

Andy's cavalry assault the Rationalian line. This was trouble.

General N. Guels with his captive, Colonel Korn. Korn was expendible and considering his prodigious drinking, he'll bankrupt the Serene Republic before long!
When curfew fell, we had to say that the game was a victory for the allied powers of Frankenschwein and Freedonia. Since it was a practise game, it really just kept our game sharp. Martin has finished a map of sorts and we're going to see how it all fits together soon. He and Andy have been discussing campaign things that would effect what our armies could build and what equipment they could have. I'm looking forward to seeing all that in writing.

The Chasseurs d'Poutine in their mustard coloured coats.

One of Robby's brown-coat regiments faces down the Chasseurs and the Pandours.

As Martin studies the rules, here's a view of the entire board late in the game. Andy's dragoons have charged Martin's infantry and my dragoons are in a death struggle with Robby's.

Zuckerman's stream with Andy's Frankenschweiners coming up on Martin's Rationalian line of dismounted hussars and the artillery.


  1. A most enjoyable battle report.I was particularly taken with the sedan chair and it's carriers.

    1. Martin did a nice job on that piece. It's a fun addition to his army.