Wednesday, 8 January 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter, take 2

There's still more to share. The original post was getting too long, so I did "historicals" and "what-if historicals" in the first and I'll do the more imaginative stuff in this one.

From our Imigi-nations campaign, Freedonian horse artillery
(Frying Pan & Blanket Wayne's Legion artillerists)

Freedonian Marines (FP&B AWI British Guards)

Freedonian militia battalion "Gummo"
All the militia battalions are named for the Marx Brothers. I think the next one will be "Cheeto", the least known and cheesiest brother.

Three stands from Colonel Pepper's Dragoons, a mercenary unit based on the cover of the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." My daughter insisted I paint four of the troopers in the colours of the Beatles uniforms from the cover. (Figures are some Russian plastics in 1/72)

Freedonian Dragoon Regiment Scungili (three stands of FP&B's best)
Fine Italian horsemen. Don't laugh! A lot of the Italian cavalry was first class.
Reaper Miniatures space marine of some sort. I liked how he looked even if his weapon is the size of a refrigerator.

A dwarf king from an unknown manufacturer. He'd been sitting around for a  LONG time.

Reaper's rather gruesome undertaker/grave digger.

A Sci-fi accountant with lots of paper documents. Sorta dates the figure, doesn't it?

Games Workshop dwarf miner/prospector. I thought the jeweller's loup was funny.

A werewolf either Rob or I had painted a long time ago. I found him in a box with his right arm and tail broken off.
So he's a "renovated" figure.
GW undead cavalry jazzed up with some extra and less GW-undead looking weapons, shields, and helmet.

Pendragon 10mm galoglaich/galloglasses for Warmaster fantasy or historical

GW's Warmaster 10mm Chaos troops from some northern country
Maybe Timmons? (Eh, Martin?)

Epic scale Orc vehicles for GW's Epic Space Marine game. I still like it and I ran into these things at a swap meet.
I painted these "Temple Dogs" from Reaper at Rob's prompting. He asked for them in a style that made them look like they were carved from jade. I think the photo doesn't look quite right;
they look more "jade-y" in person.

Not fantasy, just forgotten. Aztec Otomi warriors from Tin Soldier. These sat languishing in a box for along time until Martin and I began to play DBR with has an Aztec list. So I rebased them and began to finish what was unpainted.

Tin Soldier's Aztec warrior priests. These can be quite colourful figures!

Tin Soldier's Aztec warriors with two-handed Macuahuitl - basically a club with sharpened obsidian on the edges. Horrible against skin and cotton fibre armour but almost useless against metal armour.
Still nice figures though.
All for now. I hope to have more AAR's soon.


  1. My that's a colourful collection!!!!

    1. Thanks, Ray. Some of the figs, like the Aztecs, need colour.

  2. Another of the 'bright and colourful' school of wargames military tailoring... Yes!! Excellent, dude!

    1. Thanks! Some of those blues show up a lot brighter in photos than they do to the eye. I don't understand it.

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