Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Paper won't refuse ink and metal won't refuse paint.

With that bit of throw-away wisdom, I'm showing off some of my latest painting. Some of these items were done before the Summer and a few (more than a few) were done while I was on holiday stay-cation. On with the show!

From my Saxe-Fredonian Imagi-nations army, Light Cavalry regiment Von Suppé.
Let me know if you get the reference. From FP&B's Fallen Timbers range - American Light Dragoons

1st Battalion, the 7th Border Regiment, Fredonia again.
Again let me know if you get the reference.
Old Glory's Turkish Nizam-i-Cedid figures - large, meaty 15mm who will work as 20mm.

Fredonian Zouave Regiment Gondor
SHQ figures of American Civil War zouaves. Nice figs, rather more "well fed" than the Frying Pan & Blanket figs.

The Black Company makes it's appearance in the Fredonian Order of Battle.
A tribute to one of my favourite fantasy books.

1st Battalion, Fredonian Regiment Tom Servo.
Frying Pan & Blanket figures: Wayne's Legion for Fallen Timbers.
An older unit already reported on.
The Archbishop's Own Regiment parades with their colonel-in-chief, His Grace, Michael, Archbishop-Metropolitan of Fredonia, in the occasion of the acceptance of their new barracks in the capital from the city of Heilkundemütze.

Küriassier Regiment von Sardukar
SHQ figures again from their 20mm ECW range.
I'm using them as if they were Austrian Cuirassiers in Turkish campaign kit.

Dragoon Regiment Shanton
Named for an old friend who used to put his pike figures away by jamming his palm
onto the pikes and then shaking the figures into their box after they'd punctured his hand.

The Fredonian Secret Police are known for their fine uniforms and armour, but not for their discretion.

Fredonian General Belesarius
From FP&B's Fallen Timbers range
From my wife, Beth's army of Gallifrey, Cossack dragoons - From a WWII range
whose name I cannot remember. Beth's Imagi-nations army is a mix of Scots and Cossacks,
with many of the units named for the actors who have played Dr. Who.

Light Dragoons from the Gallifreyan army.
FP&B figures - British Light Dragoons from the AWI range

Regiment Baker - Scots line infantry from FP&B's AWI range

A clan regiment. In Age of Reason, Jacobite clans are 16 figures strong mounted on large stands.
They love to charge and can really knock out a unit they hit.

Another clan regiment. Beth named these after Scottish film actors or friends of Scottish background. I think this is Clan Boyd.  Others include MacGregor, Winters, Connery, and Stewart.

The Galifreyan general himself. He can usually get where he needs to be instantly!
Guess who... and his staff. Figures from Minifigs, Battle Honours, and Napoleonettes.
Yes, my collection is that old.

A British command group for Shako - a general figure (centre), an aide-de-camp (right)
and an "exploring officer" as an aide-de-camp. That figure came in the Battle Honours "French Marshal"
bag. Each figure had a name moulded on the sprue and he was "Marshal Dillon." I almost spit nickles.

More French command and aides-de-camp
Battle Honours and Falcon(?)

Prussian Artillery - medium foot, heavy foot, and horse - all for Shako
Figures by Minifigs and Ral Partha (!), guns by unknown

A freshly painted French brigade with commander - Old Glory and Battle Honours

The commander up close. Since I use my wife's camera, I don't always remember how to take close-ups.
Russian Mounted Jagers - newer Minifig castings

A battalion of the Vistula Legion (Battle Honours or Old Glory - I don't remember.)
I did hand paint their flag.
This was not an easy one to  paint, especially on plain paper.

A musketeer battalion of the Prussian Regiment Colburg - older Minifigs

A battalion of the Austrian Regiment Hoch-und-Deutschmeister by AB Miniatures.
I did not paint their flag. I have painted Austrian flags but they are killers to paint.
Now for 28mm - Bolt Action US Paratroopers and a 75mm pack howitzer.

Reaper Miniatures elven sorceress

Great War Miniatures US Marine - to be used as National Guard or similar for Pulp gaming

By Old Glory, Canadian troops for a "What if" game of the American Civil War.
The figures are from OG's Maori War range.

More Canadians, this time a rifle unit.

"Hey, Dad! You'll need skeletons for your D&D campaign." said my son.
After many years, I'm reviving my D&D campaign. I think the players will out-play me at every turn,
but they're starting at 1st level and a bad taco could kill them.

Flames of War model of the US M18 Hellcat tank destroyer. A nice little model of a blazingly fast AFV.
No armour and a decent gun. I like the Flames of War models but I don't care for the game.

Flames of War plastic - US M4 Sherman. Again a nice model. I still have to add insignia and detail the
tracks. The kit comes with tarps, boxes, bins, and other things to hang on the hull.

Flames of War T-35 Russian land battleship. My son painted this ages ago and I found it in
the bottom of a box.

A home-made model of the Russian KV-1 I picked up at a flea market/bring-and-buy many years ago.
The hull is  plastic, but the turret is one piece of moulded lead. It should make quite a paperweight.
Another "bottom-of-the-box" find.
From some unknown manufacturer, reptilian alien infantry. I remember getting about 10-12 of them in a bag
 at Historicon years ago. I used to play Traveller in 15mm and these cold-blooded dudes were to be
a part of that game. In my old age, I'm using 25's.    Same bottom of the box as above.
All for now. Reenacting season has two more events to go and the Library in London will reopen soon after remodelling.


  1. Great work! I really love the basing on those dragoons. What kinds of paints do you use for the Reaper minis? I just got my Bones in, and I'm eager to start painting them but I've only ever really painted 40k and the odd pewter D&D mini.

    1. Jim, I usually use the Creat-a-finish acrylics you can get at Michael's/A.C.Moore/Walmart. They're within the budget and cover well. They also have a wide variety of colours. For the more specialized shades, I have Vellajo paints. I use GW "Flesh-tone" inks for finishing. Oh, yes... I black-prime with whatever large bottle of black paint I can find.

    2. The dragoon basing is simply sandbox sand poured over a light brown base. Then I use a grass green and dip it in a mixed flocking. Sometimes I put little spots of green on the sand like grass poking through the bare earth.