Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Just a note...

    As I am completely involved in enjoying my holiday (and as many of you know, selfish fun can be a full-time endeavour), this is just a quick note on recent reenacting events or "Full scale modelling/wargaming" if you prefer.

    The last weekend in July saw three of the four of us (Katie had to work) at the Festival of the Fourty in Grimsby, ON. There were a few reenactors, a "mini-militia" which saw the forces of the Republic scatter befor the mighty charge of little kids with small Union Jacks, a parade, and a number of musket demonstrations. I had to back out of the parade due to pesky heat issues. But the event was fun. Beth was the surgeon's assistant and was quite helpful in showing rubber leaches to the kids. She said she learned a lot from the surgeon, who also reenacts the American Civil War and serves under the reenacting name "Captain Spaulding." (The three Goldsworthy's all shouted "The African explorer?" If you don't get it, you need a refresher in your weirdness orientation. Then complete the following quote: "I always hunt elephants in Alabama, 'cause in Alabama...") Here are some photos Beth took of the event.

Our good friend, Lieutenant Watson, soon to be made captain, leads the US contingent in to the park after the parade. I guarded the entryway and presented arms to the pipe band, the Crown forces, and the US forces.

The end of the parade. I've caught up by now. Our friends, Mark and Carrie stand between Robby and I.
Mark is the sergeant for Treat's Company of the 21st US Infantry.

A closer view. The Crown forces were well represented by Regulars, the Lincoln Militia, and some Royal artillery.

   Last Saturday, Rob, Beth, and I (Katie was on the job again) were joined by Andy at Old St. Thomas Church in St. Thomas, ON for "the Family Fun Day" in the church yard. Jeff was called away by a emergency and couldn't join us, so we went anyway and had a good time. We demonstrated the muskets, discussed the uniforms, showed period handicrafts (embroidery, cord making, weaving, etc.), and played with period toys like ball-and stick, pick-up sticks, whirly-gigs, and the Jacob's Ladder.

Here Robby and Andy fire the muskets. Since we had three reenactors and two muskets, I was nominated "Sergeant-of-the-day" and used Andy's sword. Andy wore his AWI uniform, the regimentals of the Kings's Royal Regiment of New York, his American War of Independance reenacting unit. ("The Yorkers")
[This photo is from the St. Thomas Times-Journal]
We are preparing for the big event at Fort Erie this weekend. So far the weather seems cooperative - warm, sunny, dry, and not to hot. (God willing, it'll stay that way.) The next weekend sees us at Port Stanley, ON's "Harbourfest" where the King's Company (d/b/a the 17th US) will camp with the Royal Scots and have a skirmish or two between demonstrations and explainations. The tall ship, St. Lawrence, will be in harbour and should be something to see. It'll be a busy holiday, but I might even get a game or two in.

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