Sunday, 21 January 2018


I haven't been blogging much of late. I've been too busy now that I'm covering two Christian congregations, one Evangelical Lutheran and one Anglican. At least they're in the same town!

I have discovered an artist whose work intrigues me, namely the Swedish digital artist, Simon StÃ¥lenhag. I find his art fantastic, satisfying, and often at the same time, disturbing. Maybe all you folks who read my blog know all about him; I just feel I'd like to share some of his visions.

Much of the man's art is "a Sci-Fi 80's that never was."
Often the works depict a Sweden that wasn't, although some show Northern California.
Many of the pieces look quite cold... and normal... and twisted.

This is called "Fly-By."
I'd have to ask all sorts of questions.
What's going on? Who is flying?

Some sort of out-door winter rescue unit. I just like the vehicles.
Familiar... yet entirely alien.

This one's titled "Local Servers."
Of what? For what? Why so many cables?
May of these pieces are from an RPG and an art book entitled "Tales from the Loop" and another called
"The Electric State", which all seems to be some sort of interconnected society.

Kids building a snow fort... in the shadow of the Loop's cooling towers.

A little less winter-y, but still the alien familiar.
... and some of the things are just out-right weird and whimsical.

Colossal Ducks used for target practice by unknowns. Part of the northern California part of "The Electric State."

"War Machines" Building? Disassembling?
How big are those things?
The artist does dinosaurs, too.

Since I was a little kid, I've loved dinosaurs. How could I not love this?

Bad day on the delivery route.
Living in Canada as I do, I could imagine this scene of run-away mechs.

Are the mechs curious? Are they ticked off? Are they being led into a trap?
The rear mech has an air of curiosity to my thinking.

This is my favourite one.
Abandoned Swedish military mechs... back from stomping around.
I have a load of questions.
I have another artist in mind, but I'll save that for another entry.


  1. Most intriguing,thanks for posting. All the best for your extra parish.

    1. Thanks, Alan. There will be more in a similar vein shortly... in my copious spare time.