Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A mixed bag for Labour Day

I have some photos to share but there is no theme or direction to them. Labour Day has come and gone and I didn't waste the weekend although I have little to show for it. Such is life.

On to the photos!

Gaul fanatics as part of my rebasing project. I had been using Warhammer Ancients as my "ancient" wargames rules, but now my group and I have switched to "Hail Caesar." Rather than single figure bases with all the fiddley stuff that goes with that, I'm following the lead of others in our group and putting the figs on larger 4-man bases. I'm taking the easy was out and gluing the four bases directly to the larger base rather than ripping the figures off their single bases. These are mostly Old Glory 25's.

A Reaper elf magic user

For my son's Star Wars collection, a Scout Trooper. West End Games, maybe?

Old, old, old Tin Soldier Aztecs in 15mm. These have been around for a long, long time, although mostly unpainted...
...until now. 

Wargames Factory WWII Germans, on a painting contract for Bear.

My son, Rob (who now has no time to paint - a-hem) wanted some female Vikings for his SAGA force. I had gotten this Reaper female Viking a while back. She a bit too "cheesecake" for gaming and I don't believe that chainmail would be so form fitting and I don't believe that Viking woman were quite so... "model-ish."

Taking advice from my friend Andy, I got some Wargames Factory Viking Huscarls and some WF Apocalypse Zombie survivors and did some head swoping. No big thing since both groups come with separate heads and body parts

The torso might be a bit bulky for a female but like I said before, chainmail is neither form-fitting nor form-flattering. 

Truth to tell, I'm rather pleased. Not perfect, but not too bad either! This was my first attempt; I'm now working on my fifth for a group of eight as warriors for SAGA. (or two unit of hearthguard.)
Last Saturday, Beth and I went to the powwow at the Delaware (Lenni-Lenape) Nation Reserve near Moraviantown, Ontario. We'd been there once before and although we didn't stay long (breezy but very hot - 90° F or 32° C), we had a nice lunch and enjoyed ourselves. Beth had a hand-made cheeseburger on frybread while I had grilled bologna and cheese on frybread - something I hadn't had since I was in university back in the 1970's. We got some items for Beth, Katie, and Rob's First Nations kit for reenacting and took very few photos.
Stop signs in English and Lenni-Lenape

One of th amazingly regalia-ed dancers.
When I asked to take this man's photo, he looked disgusted but complied. I felt I had somehow insulted him and I didn't take any more photos. I intended to delete this one, until I saw it.
Is there a little twinkle in the man's eye and a hint of a smile?
I think so.
Finally on, Labour Day itself, Beth and I craved corned beef hash and poached eggs for lunch. So we made it. And I took pictures of it. My daughter said "You are not officially a blogger, 'cause you're taking pictures of your food." I responded with great love and affection and told her to "Shut up" in the most loving way imaginable.

"Dad, you're officially a blogger now!" ("Shut up!" he explained.)
Yes, that is a Pennsylvania Dutch "hex sign" on the wall behind me.
You can take the boy out of Pennsylvania, but you can't take Pennsylvania out of the boy.

Not something everyone likes, but I do.

Katie's birthday was Tuesday and what did my daughter do? She bought a flintlock Kentucky rifle! I'll have photos of it after this weekend's event.

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  1. I LOVE the Hex Sign!! I wanted to put one above our garage but the wife voted me down :)