Monday, 26 January 2015

...In my copious spare time...

I'm taking a moment of pure self-indulgence and displaying some of the figures I've painted recently and some not so recently.

I'm "working under contract" for Bear of our gaming group. He doesn't have much room to paint and I'm glad to do what I can in this. He wanted some late WWII German SS troops in the cammo smock. I've done the autumn pattern for myself and I decide to do the "spring" pattern for Bear. They cannot be mistaken one for the other.

Machine Gun crew for an HMG MG-42 (Warlord Games, I believe)

Another MG-42 in HMG configuration
I don't know who's figures these are as far as the manufacturer goes.

Bear got ahold of the SS Sturmbattalion "Charlemagne" box by Warlord so that's were these guys are from.
Not the NCO in the soft cap has an Italian SMG.

Warlord products with a fist-full of panzerfaust.
This time the man in the middle is using a captured PPsH SMG. An interesting touch!

Warlord again... with the Mauser 98k and the Stg-44.
I kept the overcoated figures in feldgrau.

An unknown manufacturer in an early uniform -
Marching boots and cammo smocks and helmet nets.

Same as above.
I usually black prime and ink the figures in brown when they're painted.

More Warlord SS troops with the Sturmgewehr-44

A self-indulgent close-up to show the cammo painted tunic, trousers, and helmet cover. 

And the rear view.
My wife has been working on a project for a while, but because of her involvement in a local theatre group and some long-lasting sickness, she's had trouble finishing it. She asked me to finish up the few figure she'd started, and I did. Lots of whimsy and fun. We don't know how they'll be used on the table but they will!

Keeping with the "Bear" theme, here's the command unit.

Infantry "cubs" of the line.

I'm rather pleased with the standard.
There's another with a "Huny" jar on the pole and I'll do the flag in contrasting colours.
And... some other stuff.

15mm SYW Austrian Kurassiers by Old Glory

A Saxon general and a Reichsarmee general by Essex and Old Glory respectively.

Austrian Grenzinfantrie... old figures by Frontier Miniatures

Old Glory 25mm WWI German infantry in gas masks.
When my son moved out to London, ON, these were left behind and might
well be added to my Pulp gaming figures.

Black Tree Design WWII Russians in 25mm.

Here's an old model.
A downloaded paper model of the German A7 tank.
I just realised that we're looking at it's backside.

Various fantasy and Sci-fi figures from Reaper Miniatures.
Some of their stuff is now cast in a rubbery resin which is more affordable but they bend
and have to be heated slightly to straighten.

Early WWII Poles by Warlord.
This army fascinates me somewhat.

A Black Tree Design German painted as a Finn. Even Finns get cold!
I realised I hadn't inked this figure.
25mm Essex (ancient!) Legio Lancierii as an addition to my wife's Arthurian army or my Late Roman army.
The shield is based on documentation but represents no specific unit.

A Warlord WWII Japanese HMG team.
I picked these up for an obscure and mistaken reason, so now they'll go to Martin for his Japanese army.
Like them, Martin?

A batch of 15mm Landsknechts picked up at the last Hot Lead bring-and-buy.
The photo turned out a bit dark, but there's lots of colour there.

A gift from my friend, Kevin. Prussian officers from the Castle Falkenstein range.
It's a sort of romantic Steampunk-with-magic game where the Bavarians are the good guys.
These were fun to paint! An infantry officer, an officer of the Garde-du-Corps, and a J├Ąger officer.

Late entry - Two Gaul warriors from Wargames Factory.
Nice figures in plastic although they tend to "spread out" a bit since their arms are wide for the most part.
All for now. I'm continuing to paint. As you can see, there's stuff up on the blocks waiting to be primed.


  1. Very nice John.
    Those late war camo Germans are the best work I've seen you do. Bravo.
    Are those teddy bears from Eureka? They are adorable.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Mike. Much appreciated.
      Yes, the teddy bears are from Eureka. We've had 'em a while and Beth finally got around to starting them. She got pretty far and I'll add the finishing touches.

  2. Outstanding work on those SS Germans!!

    1. Thanks, Steven. Much appreciated.
      I must be insane but I really enjoy painting both Cammo and flags. In the case of cammo I can be both chaotic AND historical!

    2. I have such a hard time painting the SS Camo. It's partially my brushes and partially my patience :) Chaotic is good for Oak Tree and Pea Dot.
      You don't do contract work by chance do you? :) COunt me in as your first customer. I've got a mountain of 15mm SS and FJ's that need their smocks painted lol.

    3. I have done contract work, Steven.It's a little distant for you, but I'll consider it... once I get Bear's contract stuff cleared.

    4. Let me know! Standing by sir! I can wait as long as you need :) (especially for camo like you painted on those guys!)