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The Raid on the Talbot Settlement --- May 10-11

The Backus-Page Museum House had some difficulty setting up their event this year, but once it was settled, it ended up being fun... or so I was told. I could not attend due to my ministry and a fairly important meeting of the Conference. (That's the local section of congregations from Windsor to Woodstock here in southwestern Ontario.) Beth served as "reenactor wrangler" for the US side and the museum fed the reenactors a fantastic Saturday dinner of baked ham, mashed potatoes, and cupcakes.

... or so I was told.

Rob and Katie ran as Delaware/Lenni-Lenape warriors - Long Shadow and Yellow Jacket. Beth talked about camp life. Croghan's Company of the 17th, Tyler, Andy, Kevin, Eva, and Lyle were part of the American line joined by Michael McMoreland, the sergeant of the 25th, our old friend Roger of the US Marines, and another renactor who's name I was never given. The Kentucky Rifles were represented as well. The British Indian Department, some local Canadian Militia, the 19th Light Dragoons, the Royal Scots, the 60th, and a Royal Navy gun crew served as the Crown forces and Shaymus added his "thugs" to the number.
The activities included small unit reenactments, "The search for Colonel Talbot" (played by our friend, Nick), some mini-militia, and some vendors.

Photos taken by my wife or by Eva with Beth's camera:

Sgt. Michael takes the US forces through light infantry drill
Front rank - Eva, Lyle, and Andy
Second rank - Roger, one of the Kentucky Rifles, our unknown friend, and Tyler

This was Eva's first time out in uniform with the musket. Since Andy's been doing light infantry drill for a long time
and Sgt. Michael was never far away, she was in good hands.

Long Shadow (Rob) and Yellow Jacket (Katie) confer before mischief.

The skirmish line advances!

... and is met my the Crown's skirmishers
Captain Roy, personally reinforced with a Snickers® bar, in command.
You can see Light Dragoons dismounted, the Royal Scots in barracks jacket, Upper Canada Militia, "thugs", the 60th, and the British Indian Department.

The Royal Navy charges the gun.

The whole US skirmish line. I'm glad Michael was there. I'm too arthritic for skirmishing.

Cap'n Roy inspires us all.

Long Shadow and Yellow Jacket keep up a hot fire. Long Shadow has a Brown Bess musket and Yellow Jacket has a .50 calibre trade rifle.

Our runner's been shot! This young fellow - Lyle's youngest son - loves to take the field as a messenger, but when he's "shot" he still looks around a lot!

Later in the day, the capture of Colonel Talbot was attempted.  The local ladies and youngsters spread the alarm as the raiders crest the hill. (That's Beth sending the young ones on ahead.)

"Go find the colonel! He'll know what to do!" Shaymus tells the civilians.

The traitor Westbrook (played by Roy) asks "Where's Talbot?" Tyler backs his demand.
Shaymus pleads his innocence. 

"We'll be safe here!"

Colonel Talbot (Nick) and Westbrook (Roy) share a barn in the post-raid quiet,

The camp
The later afternoon skirmish gave the US the cannon.

Raiffe takes a wonderfully photogenic shot!

We're often asked "How do you decide who gets to 'die'?" Well, are you out of ammo? Is your musket not working? Are you tired? Would you just rather watch for a while? Did you 'die' last time?

The Delaware allies and the US sergeant

FINALLY!!! Katie has wanted to steal Roy's chapeau bras (she calls it a "taco hat") for years! And here they traded headgear for a while. She insists that I must call her "Her Serene Highness and Imperial Generalissimo, her Glorious Wonderfulness, Katie Buttons Goldsworthy or Yellow Jacket, as you prefer."
Not a chance.

Sunday morning muster

Gun powder and watermelon... Spring in Ontario!

The Light Dragoons. Some of this crew came all the way from Montreal, QC.
There, they also reenact the Napoleonic Austrian Hussar Regiment #1 "Kaiser."

The US skirmish line springs the trap on the Crown caravan.

Long Shadow loads on the run.

Captain Roy is about to be captured. Bayonets and tomahawk vs. sabre? Hmmmm.

Kevin guards the gun while Long Shadow loots... er, checks the casualties.

Kevin and Eva run the mini-militia for the wee ones.

Louisa takes a shot with the trade rifle.

A arial view of the Museum property. The US camp is in the lower right. The Crown camp is in the middle of the photo against the tree line. Something's going on in the big field.

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