Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Greetings, Long Shadow

Reenacting season is almost once again. My family and I will be doing an education day at the end of this week and the Longwoods event will be in two weeks.
My son, Rob, has been considering doing a native impression as a warrior of the Lenni-Lenape (or Delaware) tribe. He and Beth worked together to assemble the items for the impression. I think they should be pleased. Katie is also working on a native impression for education days... and an occasional attempt to scalp her brother. Both of our children share some First Nations heritage, although it's rather diluted over time. However, they are quite interested in discovering more about this part of their ancestry.
Rob is not going to try to "pass" as a tribal warrior; he's 'way too pale for that. The poor guy doesn't even tan in the sun! Burn and peal only. Too much Celtic blood, I suppose. His back story is that he was a US soldier who was captured in battle or while trying to leave his post and was given the choice of either being burned at the stake or joining the First Nations band. His choice is obvious. His name is not determined, but I'm calling him "Long Shadow." (Most years at the Longwoods reenactment event, he is "captured" at the noon British-Native sit-down. The warriors bring him to the British officers to trade him to the Redcoats for a musket or a bag of donuts or something. The last time this was done, Rob chose to join the Natives, which confused the Crown forces to no end! He'll probably do it again this year, going out with the US forces in the morning and with the First Nations warriors in the afternoon.)

Rob as a captive of the Native warband back in 2012 at the Longwoods event. He was marked for death but they were willing to trade him to the Crown forces for a rifle.

Many Strings and Grandfather Lame Wolf discuss Rob's fate.

Green hunting shirt, buffalo skin leggings, deer skin moccasins, and a colourful turban are the basis of his garb.

Add in the .50 calibre trade rifle, the woven sash, buffalo or deer skin shot bags and he's about ready.

"Aim for a turkey!", Mom said! (My wife took all the photos.) The rifle is a modern flintlock with a rubber cushion on the butt, so we covered the but with deerskin and beaded it.

The only thing he'll be tracking in our backyard is the wild beagle.

Tomahawk and knife for up-close work. The beaded knife sheath was a gift from another reenactor friend. The knife is hand-made with a shale blade and a bone haft, purchased at a local pow-wow. The moccasins are deer made in the Eastern Woodlands style, appropriate for a Delaware warrior.

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  1. This was Robby's research into a Delaware/Lenni Lenapi warrior. He's actually wearing a breach cloth under the shirt (which may need to be shortened), and he's missing his trade silver which we have, but just need to add.