Monday, 1 July 2013

Where NEW Heroes Dare

Since it is a holiday weekend here in Ontario, we all decided that a game or two of "Where Heroes Dare" would be in order. Sunday afternoon was the time, once Sunday morning's work was done, lunch was eaten, grass was mown, and Sunday afternoon's work was done as well. Rob drew up a map of a two storey shopping mall and off we went.  Rob had his Metropolitan police team of a detective Lieutenant and 4 officers, two with Tommy guns. I ran my German Zeppelintroops, four hardened veterans with Bergman SMGs. Beth ran a 4 constable/one dog team of RCMP (including Sergeant Preston and his dog, King.) Katie ran up a team based on her favourite band, Steam Powered Giraffe. It consisted of Prof. Peter Walters I, his robot, Rabbit, Captain Alfred Alexander, and Rex Marksley ("finest marksman in the West" or so the song goes.) The band is made up of Steampunk robots and their pretty inventive. (I promised Katie I'd include this -
Katies team started on the second floor. Rob's started in their car outside the mall, came in through a restaurant, and encountered an accident involving a gas explosion. My Zeppelintroops were hidden in a coffee shop. (Hard to do in uniform with Stahlhelm and SMG's. while Beth's Mounties came in through the front door. Soon my troops discovered a hidden passage to a storeroom - surprising but worthless.
The Metropolitan Police Pulp Squad entered through the kitchen. 
The Pride of the Mounted came in the front entrance, unobtrusive in their
red serge and Hudson's Bay blanket coats. Constable Renfew led the way.
Hauptmann Rustheiser, Feldwebel Schultz, and Zeppelin men Bauer and Keller
in the storeroom.
Rex Marksley, Rabbit the Robot, Professor Walter, and Captain Alfred
Alexander came down from the roof.
The Mounties were fired upon by the blue-coated police and then were ambushed by the Zeppelintroops. They didn't last long. The Zeppelintroops and the blue coats then fired on each other. The Steam Powered Giraffe-ish folks also opened fire from the second floor. Professor Walter had a disintegrater ray pistol which worked. (No rolls on the "Mad Science" table.) The game ended with the SPG-ish folks achieving the goal and escaping.
The police car parked outside the mall. (A Tamiya model of a Citroen sedan)
We played a second game with Katie's adventurers, my Z-trupen, and Rob changed to his Sherlock Holmes team of Sherlock, Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestade, Gladstone, the bulldog, and a police constable. Now Katie and I started on the second floor and Rob on the first. I found the "item" in short order and had to escape the building with it. Holmes and company encountered a broken fire control water sprinkler. Later they encountered a new animal companion - a lion. (I don't know how they encountered a lion in a shopping mall; ask the game designers.) In making my escape, Katie and I exchanged fire. Hauptmann Rustheiser jumped from the balcony to the first floor and beat feet to the exit, under a hail of bullets from Dr. Watson. Feldwebel Schultz provided covering fire, and was hit as he jumped from the balcony. Bauer and Keller fell early. The Giraffe team pounded down the stairwell to the first floor. Rustheiser made it out the door and I won this version of the game.
We all enjoyed the two short games and plan to play more during the summer, especially when I'm on holiday and when the kids' work schedules permit. Katie was happy to see that one member of Steam Powered Giraffe liked her Tumblr post and she'll probably send this to him as well.
Holmes, Gladstone, and "the lion"
Katie's friend, Leo the rat refused to be photographed. I think it's a religious thing.
Rustheiser took Captain Alfred Alexander down in hand-to-hand combat
outside the flower shop on the first floor. Zeppelinman Bauer lies wounded.
Rex Marksley takes aim while Professor Walther and Rabbit combat a vicious
chimpanzee they encountered in the mall office.
Again, I don't know how he got there. Relax! It's a game!
Feldwebel Schultz gamely provided covering fire from the second floor and
then leapt to his... wounding.

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