Friday, 5 April 2013

... 'Cause I can!

It's a day off for me. (Yes, I DO work more than one hour a week, thank you very much.) I just made a blog entry about my wife beating me and my lower-than-mediocre strategic skills on the table in a Turks vs. Italians dust-up. Still I found some things that I feel are worth sharing.
I recently "Googled" Napoleonic Tanks (please don't ask why) and I got this behemoth:
It's LEGO! Don't you love it? Don't you want one?
Me, neither.
For the Imagi-nations campaign that's being prepared through the Hamilton Road Games Group, I finally found a photo of the general staff of the Grand Electorate of Freedonia, including the Grand Elector, Rufus I Glühwürmchen.
This just too cool. If you haven't seen the Marx Brothers in "Duck Soup", find it tonight and watch it.
Chico and Zeppo in Adrian helmets makes me laugh.
"Hail, hail, Freedonia, land of the braaaave and freeeeee!"
Let's see...what's next as I unload my mental trash basket into the computer...
Speaks for itself. "Good Luck"    Ha!  

Sardukar from an old, old Dune calendar. This image stuck with me so much that
I always picture the warrior-fanatics of Shaddam IV just like this.
 ... and...
Wargaming and low brass. Hence my intro photo on my blog.
 How about...
My family all do Steampunk stuff, myself included, so this appeals to me.
 Now a few photo without captions.
When you're enduring a low day, rather than enjoying it, call up these images and take a little joy from them.

Lastly, Rufus I Glühwürmchen, the Grand Elector of Freedonia, in field uniform.
As Ehore says "Thanks for noticin' me."

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